Diaper Report: 02/09/2024

  • February 9, 2024

This report is personal but I can’t get too specific about who is involved. Suffice to say that I know of two young adults who keep coming down with “COVID” – notwithstanding they’ve been “vaccinated.”

Worse, they came down with something else – after they got “vaccinated.”

One came down with Graves disease – which is a serious autoimmune disorder (mark the italics) that is also associated with hyperthyroidism. Symptoms include: Bulging eyes, a goiter in the neck, an irregular heartbeat, tremors in the hands and fingers and (for women, who get Graves more often than men) problems with their reproductive systems.

She was previously a healthy young woman in her late 20s.

The other – a young man in his early 30s – developed blood clots (mark the italics) in his foot. This young man was healthy – and athletic.

Until he got “vaccinated.”

The serious health problems these two previously healthy young adults now have manifested shortly after they both got the “vaccine” that they were assured would prompt their immune system to keep them healthy, by the corporate employers who threatened them both with loss of employment if they didn’t submit to being injected. Ironically, both of these young adults are employed in (wait for it) health care.

Almost everyone who works in this field was all-but-forced to submit to being injected with those drugs that we now know were not vaccines – because vaccines prevent people from getting and transmitting the contagious sickness the person is (supposedly) being vaccinated against getting and transmitting.

These drugs don’t do that.

What they do is weaken the immune system, rendering the victim more susceptible to future sickness. That’s why the “vaccinated” are the ones who keep catching the “COVID” they were told they’d be immunized against getting.

These MRNA drugs also impart chronic sicknesses, such as Graves disease and blood clots.

Of course, people were not told that – because if they had been told that, fewer would have taken them. No job is worth losing your health (and possibly, your fertility) for on account of having been wheedled into taking some sketchy drug pushed on you by an employer. This is not something most people would agree to, even under pressure.

But that’s not what’s interesting about this case.

These two previously healthy young adults – one of whom is a doctor – do not want to discuss the effects of the drugs they took. They get defensive when asked about it. Especially when they are asked about the coincidence of their both developing health problems known to be associated with the taking of these drugs after they took the drugs.

It’s as if they don’t want to acknowledge what was done to them. Or – rather – what they did to themselves. Even though it was done under pressure. And so, rather than get angry about what was done to them, they get angry at those who ask them about what was done to them.

Fascinating, as Mr. Spock used to say.

It’s the psychology of victimhood. Of a piece with the way a woman (or a man, for that matter) who is abused by a spouse will defend the spouse who abused them – and get angry with the cops, when they come to arrest the abuser.

Perhaps it is a function of self-loathing, for having tolerated the abuse. And – in the case of the drugs – for having taken them, probably contrary to their better judgment but for the insipid sake of going-along to get-along.

Now they know they were had.

More to the point, that they went along with being had. That tends to make a person feel like something worse than a fool. The fool, after all, has the consolation of having been fooled. These people fooled themselves. And for what?

A paycheck.

Winston Churchill is said to have had something to say about that. The story goes that he propositioned a woman, offering her a large sum of money if she would agree to sleep with him. When she did, he began to bargain – inquiring of her whether she’d accept a much smaller sum in exchange for the same favors. Greatly offended, the woman snorted: Do you take me for a whore? To which Winston is said to have replied: That has already been established. We are merely haggling over the price.

What is the price of one’s self-respect? To say nothing of one’s health?

These two young, previously healthy adults have just paid it.

. . .

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