Diaper Report: 03/03/2023

Sickness Kabuki has not gone the way of bell bottom cords and wide-collar’d shirts. It is still being “practiced” by an alarming number of people. It is almost impossible to shop or otherwise be out and about without seeing at least a few “maskers.”

When was the last time you saw someone dressed like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever?

And all he wanted to do was boogie.

Those still “practicing” kabuki are like the sharks you see underneath the pier. So long as you don’t go in the water, you’re ok. But they’re down there. Just as the kabuki performers are out there . . .

Behind those “masks” there is anxiety – and probably anger. They “mask” because they are afraid. Of you. And they are angry that you do not share their anxiety – which probably makes them mad. As they see things, you are unconcerned. You are not taking it seriously. You are a threat. And – something they probably avoid thinking about – you are making them look stupid.

No one likes to look stupid.

Especially the stupid.

It is a mark of stupidity to be unable to recognize it. Instead, the stupid will defend and double down on it. Will get angry, if you question their stupidity. We all saw this during the height of “mask” mania, when the few who didn’t “mask” were literally hounded out of stores and excoriated publicly as latter-day Typhoid Marys.

There are still more than a few who would probably love to see a return of that regime. You can tell by looking at what’s still on their faces.

It tells you what’s still on their minds. Or rather, how they’re feeling. Just as you can divine the feelings of a cat that has arched its back and flattened its ears.

Those feelings will likely never be assuaged – even if everyone was forced to wear what they’re wearing. They’d still be afraid, of something. That being the nature of the pathologically fearful. Who are for that reason pathologically dangerous.

Meanwhile, a related danger looms.

Two, actually. Both related – much as “masks” related (inevitably) to “vaccines.” And in the future tense.

The Biden regime is machinating to put the World Health Organization in charge of promulgating “practices” for the next “pandemic.” Unlike the CDC’s “guidelines,” these would be universally binding, effectively dealing with any local apostasy – as in Florida, for instance – that might lead to the faith being questioned generally.

But an enforcement mechanism is necessary. It was lacking last time. Or rather, it was avoidable. All you had to do in order to avoid “masking” was avoid places that enforced it. Don’t shop here. Don’t go there.

Drive – rather than fly.

Or just don’t wear the damned thing. What are they going to do about it? Most of the time, it wasn’t much or even anything. This writer never wore a “mask” even once – and I was still able to shop and do other things.

Including work. Being my own boss, I can decide whether to foist a “mask” on myself. I decided not to.

Now imagine being punished for so deciding – by not being allowed to spend what you thought was your money. They are planning to do the same to it – and worse – that they did long ago to what you may still think is your home.

Of course it isn’t, because you do not own it. If you doubt it see what happens when the government decides – at its pleasure – to simply take it. The government doesn’t call it that, of course. It calls it eminent domain – a difference without a distinction. The defining thing being if the government wants your house it can and will just take your house. In the meanwhile, it will demand annual payments – rent, though it does not call it that – which you must pay else it will (here we go again) take what you thought was your house and leave you in the street.

Now imagine the same – and more – applied to what you thought was your money. As by making your former right to use it as you please, where you please, conditional upon your obedience.

Enforced by digitizing and thereby centrally controlling what was formerly your money.

No more anonymous dollars you can use to buy from those willing to sell – strictly between the two of you. No more being able to pay for things without government knowing exactly which things. No more being paid – or paying someone – without the government knowing it. No more being allowed to buy, unless the government allows it.

It would no longer be necessary to post “masks required” signs on the doors to stores. Everyone would know that going within without a “mask” would be pointless – as it would not be possible to buy anything. Your digital payment app would not work. And so you would starve.

Unless you obey.

The people you see still “masking” are probably smacking their lips at the thought of it.

You just can’t see it.

. . .

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