Diaper Report: 05/16/2024

  • May 16, 2024

North Carolina has just done what Orange Man didn’t do: “Mask” wearing in public has just been banned. Ostensibly, for the same reason it used to be – back in the days (four years ago) when it was considered suspicious to wear a “mask” in public.

Or evidence of mental illness.

Then it became evidence of obedience. And it was used to prevent disobedience. Also to get rid of the Orange Man, which the man was either not savvy enough to comprehend or was complicit  . . . in his own removal from office.

North Carolina has just pre-empted what is not unlikely to be another, similar effort – this time, to prevent the Orange Man from returning to office. By preventing people from showing up to vote – in person – unless they wear a “mask.” By creating another mass panic – by instituting policies and guidelines imposed by bureaucrats who have acquired legislative powers – requiring the wearing of “masks,” to create the appearance of agreement with their authoritarian policies and guidelines.

But that’s not how this ban on “mask” wearing in public has been marketed. For once, our side – the side of sanity – has shown it is capable of understanding how to deal with the insane side.

You don’t accept their terms of debate, first of all. That’s how you lose every debate. So don’t argue with them about whether “masks” do anything to “stop the spread.” Instead, point out that criminals wear “masks” – to avoid being caught. And that it is necessary for the safety of the public to not permit people who are up to no good to hide their faces from view when out in public.

They said we didn’t care that “granny might die” if we didn’t wear “masks.” We say granny might die – might get beaten up – if we allow anonymous criminals to run amok in public.

Hence the title of the ban: Unmasking Mobs and Criminals. Because who could be against unmasking mobs and criminals?

Use their own tactics against them, in other words. But without saying so, out loud.


It is Saul Alinsky in reverse. And that is the rule for dealing with radicals.

The principle applies generally. Don’t argue with Leftists about whether the government has any legitimate business mandating electric vehicles. Agree with the Left – and turn it around and use it against the Left.

Insist that EVs be manufactured – and recharged – using only “emissions free” sources of power, such as wind farms and solar panels. If that means only being able to drive an EV once a week – or less – well, that’s what’s necessary to keep the “climate” from “changing” – and how dare you disagree.

This will drive the Left insane. Even more so than the Left already is – which is delicious.

“If I were not permitted to wear a mask in public, it would greatly limit which spaces I could visit. And, for me, this is an access issue,” Quisha Mallette, of the North Carolina Justice Center, told lawmakers as she urged them to oppose the measure.”

Well it looks like Quisha is out of luck. Just the same as we who didn’t want to “mask up” were when the “maskers” managed to impose policies a guidelines on us – even though we were happy to let them “mask up” if that’s what they wanted to do. Our objection was to being told we had to “mask up” to make them feel better. Which was itself a bunch of horseshit in that what they really wanted was for us to be made to obey – and that is what made them feel better.

Now we can feel good about “masking up” being prima facie evidence of someone being up-to-no-good or someone not right in the head. In North Carolina, at least.

Here’s hoping this spreads.


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