Diaper Report: 05/18/2023

  • May 18, 2023

Will Face Diapers ever make a comeback? That’s not the right question, which is: Will Face Diapers ever go away?

The answer is – probably not.

At least, not all the way. To where they were, before three years ago – when (aside from doctors working over people in operating rooms) the only people one saw wearing these things over their faces were obviously mentally ill people. Usually seen pushing an old supermarket grocery cart full of junk.

One still sees such people today – inside supermarkets, pushing carts. Often, they will have their “mask” (as they call them) not covering their nose – proof positive of either their mental illness or their mental dullness. For only a deranged or very dull person would continue to wear a cloth rag over their mouth – but not their nose – and believe that this will “keep them safe” from whatever it is they’re still afraid of.

Of course, these are also the deranged – and dull – people who believed (and still probably do) that standing six feet apart from other people would prevent them from catching what they feigned to be so afraid of getting and dying from that they would risk . . . going to the supermarket to get some frozen pizzas.

The same people, so concerned about staying healthy that they filled those supermarket carts with twelve packs of soda, sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Plus those frozen pizzas.

But when it comes to their “masks” – well, they will never take them off. And we are condemned to see the spectacle every time we go to the supermarket and pretend we don’t see it. As we would pretend not to see the wet stain on the frontside of a nice old man’s pants.

Of course, the old man can’t help it that he’s got a leaky weiner.  And – to be fair – neither can the people who are still “masking.”

For they are deranged – or dull.

The later categories including doctors – and hospitals – which continue to cling to “masking,” as a homeless schizophrenic clings to his bottle of Thunderbird (the “wine of the century”).

Over at Axios, one can find an articleIndustry Debates Continued Masking on Health Care Settings. The “debate” being like that between those who believe the Earth is flat and those who know it isn’t.

The demise of CDC and state mask orders for medical settings,” the article readeth, “marks the end of a critical line of defense against COVID — particularly for the most vulnerable patients — in one of the last places they could expect precautions.”

Italic added.

They just can’t let it go.

This false belief that wearing a “mask” is a “critical line of defense” – against anything, except the transmission of mental wellness.

“This is a time when a lot of hospitals, including, ironically, my own hospital, are making masks optional,” said Tara Palmore, who is described in the article as an epidemiologist at George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C. In other words, she is a medical doctor and by dint of that, presumably aware of the fact that people who are not sick (and symptomatic) cannot spread anything and if they are sick (and symptomatic) having them wear a “mask” to prevent them from spreading it is like wearing a vial of gypsy tears around one’s neck before entering the reactor room at Chernobyl. 

Well, it might be marginally more protective to wear the “mask.” 

And so might hopping on one foot while giving the Indian war whoop. You never know. It might save a life.

“The long and short of it is: Masking is a good thing and we should use it as we need it,” Tania Bubb, the president-elect for the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, told Axios.

Italics added, again.

A better thing would be for doctors – of all people – to stop acting like witch doctors. And – more deeply – to admit they were wrong. That they got caught up in the mass hysteria. That they were afraid – not of the ‘Rona – but of the consequences if they didn’t pretend they were. All too many of them did what Thomas More’s friend, the Duke of Norfolk did – in the play about the martyrdom of Sir Thomas, A Man for All Seasons.

They went along – for fellowship.

And – of course – a paycheck.

And at the same time, they were part of the system that sought to deprive those who wouldn’t go along of their paycheck.

Perhaps that is why they still think – or rather, say – that “masking” is a “good thing.” They are too ashamed to admit it is not.   

. . .

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