Diaper Report: 06/05/2023

  • June 5, 2023

It is probably safe to assume that the people still wearing the “mask” are doing so for political and religious rather than health reasons.

As for example the woman in the picture accompanying this report. She recently appeared at a county board meeting in – of course – Portland, wearing more than just a “mask.” She was wearing a helmet. Like the one worn by astronauts, except she wasn’t going to the Moon.

She was making a statement. About her beliefs.

“Can you hear me ok?,” she asks. “I’m learning how to use this. Trying to avoid concussions and COVID.”

Oy and many veys.

Of a piece, the family I encountered at the supermarket yesterday. A mom and a dad and their three young kids – all wearing the symbol of their beliefs, the latter being as faithfully inculcated in the kids as the catechism learned by Catholic kids in the hope that, as adults, they will repeat it by rote.

Imagine the strength of belief one must have to wear a religious vestment outside of church.

But this is a secular religion. A political religion that has supplanted religion – giving meaning and expression to people who have abandoned traditional religion. Who see salvation in politics.

And we all know what those are.

It is probably a safe bet that not a single person still wearing a “mask” – and “masking” their kids – did not vote for the Biden Thing. Still supports the Biden Thing. Will never stop supporting the Biden Thing, no matter what the Thing does.

For the same reason that ardent Catholics will always support the Pope, no matter what he does. (Including “acceptance” of that which Christian doctrine says is morally unacceptable, such as active homosexuality.)

These defenders of the faith constitute a large percentage of the roughly 38 percent that still supports the Biden Thing – and always will.

Of course, it is not fundamentally Biden that these “masked” faithful are supporting; Biden is merely the aviator-glasses, face-planting avatar of that which they support. That being the political religion of Leftism.

The cardinal tenet of which is obedience to Leftism.

Of which, “COVID” was merely a symptom.

Once you understand this, you understand why the most aggressive “mask” enforcers were (and still are) doctors – of all people.

Or so one would think, if one did not understand.

The medical profession has become a very political one, probably because it became one when it was turned into another branch of government, by the government – but with the active complicity of the medical profession. The latter saw not just an opportunity to cash in on Obamacare but also something that has probably long been latent among the practitioners of this order:

The power to order people around.

“Doctor’s orders” has taken on a whole new meaning over the course of the past three years. A literal one. White coats have become a uniform in more than just the literal way. They have acquired some of the same power that inheres in other uniforms, such as those worn by various types of armed government workers (e.g., the “police” and “the military”) all of whom love to issue orders – and have the means at their disposal to ensure they are obeyed.

This is what Leftists crave, even when they are the ones being ordered around.

Of course, many Leftists crave the means to order others around. Especially those who do not agree with them. But it is the underlying sadomasochism that defines the Leftist – and the “mask” is how their belief manifests.

It is also how they can be identified – an important thing.

In prior times, when one saw a group of people with shaved heads wearing saffron robes, one knew it was time to cross the street, for the Hare Krishnas were on the prowl. Just the same as when a strange van pulls into your driveway and a pair of Jehova’s Witnesses step out of it.

Time to not answer the  door.

The difference as regards these religious freaks is that they are into politics, too. They will not just go away if you don’t answer the door.

They vote.

And there are still a lot of them out there, just itching to do exactly that.

Anyone who thinks that “COVID” is over does not understand this. “COVID” being merely an expression of the underlying disease, which has by no means been cured. It is held in abeyance only – and probably not for much longer, either.

Keep in mind that the bishops and cardinals of this strange new faith – governors such as Whitmer in Michigan and Hochul in New York – were re-elected. The people you see still wearing “masks” voted for that. Because they believe in that.

Better believe it’s not gone away, either.

. . .

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