Diaper Report: 06/11/2024

  • June 11, 2024

This is a report about a resurgence – of the cases! the CASES! It’s beginning to happen again. This time, the “cases” of bird flu. And the reporting is similarly fallacious. A man supposed died of bird flu in Mexico. Never mind that the man who died was already chronically ill – does it sound familiar? – with a variety of conditions, including kidney disease, hypertension and diabetes.

According to the Mexican Health Ministry, “The diseases were long-term and caused conditions that led to the failure of several organs.” The Mexican Health Ministry is more honest about health-related things than the American “health ministries,” such as the CDC and the FDA – now wholly owned ministries of the pharmaceutical cartels that have drugs to push and just in time.

There is, after all, another (s)election coming up.

Time to “mask up”!

It appears a still-small but growing number of people are doing just that. I like to keep abreast of the state of things and so make a point of regularly visiting several different supermarkets, which provide a demographic sample of the people in my area. There are what you might call the blue collar, working-class supermarkets such as Food Lion and the affluent hipster places such as Earth Fare and Fresh Market. I have been noticing an increase in “masking” at the latter two, which is where upper-middle-class people like to shop. There appears to be an interesting correlation between affluence and stupidity in that these people appear to be falling for it – again.

I have seen – or rather, not seen – the covered-up faces of several people in these stores lately. Clearly, they have been watching CNN and MSNBC (again) and are once again afraid of the viral bogeyman. Of course, it may be that they’re just Leftists – as most people who willingly “mask” tend to be. And they are “masking up” (again) precisely because there is a (s)election coming up and the “mask” is for them the equivalent and counterpoint to the red hat worn by the acolytes of the despised Orange Man, who is very bad. They know “masks” prevented the spread of the Orange Man last time; maybe they will work again.

Or maybe they are just stupid.

This seems at first brush a counterintuitive thing. After all, how could a stupid person become an affluent person? Why, by working for the government! It attracts stupid people and pays them quite well.

They are not stupid, of course, in the sense that they have low IQs. They are very trainable and very good at doing what they are told without questioning it – and expecting the same of others, whom they despise if they dare to question it. The government raises up entire armies of such people via government schools, which exist not to develop the capacity to question things – to want to know why –  but to stifle and stunt that inclination in favor of rote and repetition. The doing-well on tests where the pupil-victim is taught to intuit which answers are the right ones.

And which are the wrong ones.

What you end up with, after 12 years of such stifling and stunting, is a kind of highly specialized human insect that can be assigned his task and does it repetitively for the next 30 years at good pay until he is retired and then becomes a dependent on the very government that “educated” him.

These are the people who “mask up” long before everyone else is told to. They are the ones I see “masking up” right now. Because – in effect – they have been told to. By the “health ministers” they still look to for “guidance,” because that is exactly what such people have been trained to require.

Equally interesting is the near-absence of “masking” at the lower-brow places. The places where the people who are less affluent tend to shop. Note the up-ending of the previous correlation; i.e., that it was more common to see (supposedly) “stupid” people doing stupid things, because stupid people aren’t smart enough to not do such things. There was also once a correlation between not being affluent and being less intelligent.

And yet, who’s “masking” now?

Perhaps the explanation lies in the less-affluent class having more common sense – which is a kind of intuitive intelligence – than the more-affluent, government-worker types who seem to have lost any sense they may never have had, having never had it cultivated.

Regardless, it seems clear that another National IQ Test is coming, dovetailing with the pending (s)election and the dread possibility that the Orange Man may be (s)elected this time.

Though that could itself be another, subtler intelligence test.

. . .

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