Diaper Report: 06/24/2023

  • June 24, 2023

Before Hitler became Reich Chancellor (he was already the Fuhrer of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, the italics to clarify what “Nazi” actually stands for) the German government he was seeking to overthrow banned the wearing of political uniforms in public.

So the National Socialists goose-stepped without shirts for a time.

In our time, the uniform of socialists is worn on the face. It is their armband – and it serves essentially the same purpose, that being to convey an ideology and also as a symbol of solidarity with others who share that same ideology.

I saw two such the other day while shopping at my local Kroger supermarket. A pair of them. Two women who appeared to be . . . together. They were certainly together in terms of their uniforms. They had them affixed tightly to their faces, rendering each the same as the other.Not just in terms of how they looked but also in terms of what they believe. This is the true purpose of uniforms. You put one on and you take off who you are. You are no longer a free-ranging individual but part of a collective. Physically and psychologically in that your point-of-view is the same point-of-view as everyone else who looks like you do.

Socialism is this distilled.

It takes no notice of the individual, except insofar as he is part of the collective. Which, of course, is run by individuals. This is the great irony of collectivism, which is necessarily the rule of a few over the minds (and bodies) of many. It is achieved by etymological legerdemain. “The people” are in charge.

It sounds nice, if you are a stupid person.

Just as Lenin – who was not a stupid person but used them mercilessly. Lenin was also, of course, a socialist – just like Der Fuhrer. Lenin styled himself a “communist,” as if that etymological legerdemain amounted to any difference.

“The people” cannot be in charge because there is no such being as “the people.” There are only people. That is, individuals. Some of these are cunning enough to use language (and violence, when needed) to control people by telling them that “the people” are in charge.

But do as we – these individuals – say. Whether it is Der Fuhrer or Dr. Fauci, it amounts to the same leadership principle.

Or rather, followership principle.

The Diapered are no different. Especially those who still Diaper. At this point, anyone who still does is not doing it because they are afraid. They are doing it because they believe.

This distinction is important.

Someone who is afraid does a thing because he is under duress. He does not like doing what he feels he must do. He would like very much to not have to do it. For instance, the man who is afraid of thugs breaking into his home. He installs deadbolts on the doors to his home and maybe even has bars installed over the windows. He does not do these things because he wants to. He believes he has to and would like not to have to.

Contrast such a man with the two women I saw at Kroger the other day. It is very difficult to believe they were afraid. They were in their 20s and – from all appearances, healthy. Not their 70s and sickly. Yet they were tightly Diapered. As if there were a “pandemic” afoot. As if wearing that idiotic thing over their faces offered protection. If they were truly afraid, they would not have gone shopping. Would you go into a store full of (supposedly) death-exhaling people milling around wearing a Diaper over your face if you were truly afraid of the breathing going on all around you?

If course you wouldn’t. You’d wait outside, huddling in fear – in your car – waiting for the items you needed to be brought curbside by a clerk whom you’d avoid coming into contact with. Pop the trunk, have him put the stuff in.

Instead, they went in. It gives the lie to the excuse that they are “afraid.”  Rather, they believe. Rabidly. As fanatically as the sieg-heiling mob that cheered the man who became Reich Chancellor, adding that honorific to that of Fuhrer.

These women – and others who wear the uniform – await theirs.

It is, as Mr. Spock used to say, fascinating.

And also something else.

. . .

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