Diaper Report: 07/01/2023

  • July 1, 2023

Radioactive fallout has a half-life, the time it takes for the radiation to dissipate to harmless or at least less-harmful levels.

What is the half-life of weaponized hypochondria?

Judging by what can be seen, it may be longer than it takes for radioactivity to diminish to harmless levels. One can walk around Chernobyl – for a couple of hours, at any rate – without risking dangerous exposure to whatever’s left of the fallout of the reactor meltdown, which happened back in 1986.

That was 37 years ago.

Will we still be seeing radioactive people walking around 37 years from now? It’s probably not a risky bet to take that we will. It is already going on two years since the time it became evident to people who can think that “mask” wearing is something only people who believe are willing to do. Just as believers wear other varieties of religious clothing, from the special “garment” worn by devout Mormons to the Yarmulke worn by orthodox Jews. They believe it is necessary, as an expression of their faith. As a sign of their belonging to a faith.

If you ask them about it, they will tell you so.

This eases one’s mind because it shows the wearer knows why he is wearing whatever he’s wearing. It is not for the sake of his health. That would be weird. No – scratch that. It would be sick.

As in, mentally.

Most of us would say so, immediately – if we were told by a devout Mormon or an orthodox Jew that their religious vestments warded off viruses. If they were our friends – if they were our family members – we’d steer them toward therapy, to help them recover their senses. But – instead – most of pretend we do not see the signs of very sick people. Thereby encouraging these people to believe they aren’t sick.

This is a kind of cruelty – and condescension, also. The presumption is the sick person is beyond help and that their sickness should be played-along-with, as people would sometimes do regarding a “funny” uncle who lived in the attic. Would it not be kinder to do what is possible to help the “funny” uncle return to his senses?

For his own sake – as well as ours?

Especially as regards the sickness that is still very much on display in medical settings. In hospitals and clinics – where patients are still being strong-armed to pretend they believe, by doctors who also pretend to believe. What has this done to the credibility of the medical profession? The same thing it has done to our trust in the medical profession.

Both now headed toward congruency with the credibility of politicians – and the trust we have in them.

How sick is it to be in the position of needing care and finding oneself obliged to pretend one cares – to play the role of an idiot in a farce – in order to be seen by a doctor who also plays his part in the farce? It is worse than having to express belief in the Motor Gods before being permitted to wait in the lounge while your car is being worked on – because it is only your car and the worst that may happen as a result of a mechanic who is a believer operating upon it is that he breaks it.

But what about breaking you?

There is something incredibly disturbing – if you’re thinking – about trusting a doctor who is not only a believer but an enforcer. If he does so because he has been told he must by higher-ups, does it not beg questions about what else he might do – to you – because he has been told he must? And if he does so because he really does believe, then what does it say about his thinking?

What else does he believe in?

And – what might he do, in the name of his beliefs?

Doctors used to believe in the principle, first do no harm. This is the Hippocratic Oath all doctors take upon becoming doctors. Sadly – tragically – it has become much of-a-piece with the oath of fealty to the Constitution – to preserve, protect and defend it – that is taken by every politician upon assuming office, as well as by every enforcer of politicians’ decrees.

Neither meaning very much anymore, beyond the perfunctory ritual of mouthing the words that few believe.

It is what comes of thinking no longer mattering.

. . .

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