Diaper Report: 07/08/2024

  • July 8, 2024

It has been announced that Doug Emhoff, the second gentleman – a title fit for our times – has come down with “COVID.” This is interesting given that the man has been “vaccinated” three times against “COVID.”

The foregoing words bracketed within air-fingers-quote marks to highlight absurdity of the usage.

“COVID” being just another cold – and maybe the flu, which miraculously disappeared during the “COVID” event that we were expected to pretend was a “pandemic.” That word also bracketed within air-fingers quote marks to highlight the vicious absurdity of using that word to describe the spread of a cold/flu that didn’t cull almost everyone who caught it except for the elderly, frail and chronically sick already – who have always been at-risk of becoming sicker than the rest of us when they catch a cold or the flu.

By the metric of the number of healthy people under 70 who died from “COVID,” the event was a “pandemic” in the same general way that there have been “pandemics” of chicken pox or even acne.

And “vaccines”?

Who – at this point – does not comprehend that whatever these drugs are, the one thing they are not is vaccines? The latter everyone understands confer immunity on the recipient. It is – per Dr. Strangelove’s elaboration of the deterrence being the art of producing in the mind of the enemy the fear to attack – the point of the thing. A “vaccine” that does not immunize is – at best – like aspirin, which does not prevent the person who takes it from getting a headache.

Much less prevent others from getting headaches.

Maybe the second gentleman ought to have been wearing a “mask” (or three). But he wasn’t – perhaps because he thought he’d been vaccinated.

That is to say, immunized.

It is hard to think otherwise after having been “vaccinated” three times. Plus boosted.

Well, it is hard for many people – such as the second gentleman – who continue to get “vaccinated” (and boosted) despite continuing to get “COVID.”

The same goes for what’s left of Joe Biden, the casket model running for a Weekend at Bernie’s four more years. He got “COVID” again – after not being immunized – in the summer of ’22.

Maybe he just forgot to wear his “mask.” Along with everything else.

The second gentleman’s spokesperson – why such an office is necessary (and paid for by taxpayers) given the second gentlemen holds no elected office and wields no official power – says  Emhoff is “currently asymptomatic, continuing to work remotely, and remaining away from others at home.” 

Working? On what, exactly? His needlepoint?

But we can take comfort in his being “asymptomatic” – which is to say, he isn’t sick. Which is interesting given that we’re told he has a sickness – “COVID” that (apparently) produces no symptoms.

So how did the second gentleman come to suspect he has “COVID”?

Probably, he “tested positive” for “COVID” – which pretty much everyone who catches a cold will “test positive” for if they run the snot sample through the test cycle a sufficient number of times. Remember when orange juice, cola and bananas “tested positive”? Of course, people such as the second gentleman prefer we forget all about that.

And that may be why he – via his spokesperson – announced he’d “tested positive.” Because he – because they – don’t want us to forget all about that. There is, after all, another (s)election coming up and they want to make sure they win it. Another round of the cases! the cases! – could be just the cure for that. There are already at least four “cases” – this time, of bird flu.

And you know how fast those “cases” can spread when everyone “tests positive.”

. . .

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