Diaper Report: 07/27/2023

  • July 27, 2023

Will Face Diapers be a part of the scene forever? Probably – for while most people have stopped wearing them because they’re no longer forced to wear them, many of them probably would wear them again.

Because many of them still believe they “work” – notwithstanding the fact that they don’t. At least, if “work” means they prevent the spread of respiratory viruses.

It is important to always harp on this. To insist that “work” be defined – and substantiated – for that is how we put “masks” behind us, forever.

The reason so many people wore “masks” – and many still do – is because they were told they “work” – and that is a very different thing. People’s submission was based on their believing. On not questioning assertions. These assertions were allowed to take the place of facts. It did not occur to many people to demand the latter as a condition of acceding to “masking.”

It had damned well better occur to them – or it will happen to us.


And not merely with regard to “masks.” They have been put on the back burner – for the moment – while assertions about the “climate crisis” have taken their place. Probably because assertions about the “virus” have gotten old.

These new assertions have been used with even greater effectiveness in relation to the great but passing harm imposed in the name of the “virus crisis.” We are no longer “locked down” – a thing formerly applicable only to prisoners within a penitentiary – and are generally free to once again go about our business.

Well, “free” to go about it to the extent we were allowed to previously, which was even then conditional and controlled. But the point stands. We no longer are expected to stand six feet apart or told we must stay at home and not go out. At least, for the moment.

Businesses have been permitted to do business again, to the extent the government permits them to do business. The freedom to do business with whomever wishes to do business with them having been taken away decades before anyone heard about “stopping the spread.”

But the “climate crisis” is only just beginning to unfold.

Not the “climate” part. The “crisis” part. The Fear Organs are pumping out hysteria about the heat as relentlessly as they pumped up hysteria over sickness by relentlessly counting the cases! the cases!

The latter made it seem as if everyone was not only sick but headed for death. It worked exactly as intended, precisely because people accepted the assertions rather than ask germane questions – such as whether a “case” meant actually sick (and if sick, was the “case” seriously sick?).

Not enough people questioned those assertions and on account of that, they had no answers when told to Diaper Up.

Well, other than “ok.”

And now many are saying “ok” the narrative that the “climate” is in “crisis” – because it has been so asserted by the same Fear Machine (i.e., the corporate-owned press) that pumped the populace full of fear about a respiratory virus that constituted a serious threat to about 1 percent of the population. Now the Fear Machine is hyping the threat of an inert gas that constitutes barely 0.04 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere – the latter fraction of a percent almost never mentioned in Fear Machine “coverage” of the “crisis,” for the all-too-obvious reason.

People might question the assertion that an existential threat looms on account of what amounts to a baby burping in a football stadium (i.e., the effect of a fractional increase in the volume of naturally occurring atmospheric C02 that is itself a minuscule fraction of the total volume of the Earth’s atmospheric gasses).

They might demand proof that the “climate” is “changing” in a way that is objectively ominous and that can directly tied to the fractional-additional C02 added to the 0.04 fraction of the Earth’s atmosphere that is C02 being the cause of it.

As they ought to have questioned whether “asymptomatic” people can spread a sickness. As they ought to have questioned the efficacy of “masks” – especially when they were just dirty old bandanas or Chinese-made dust “masks” that came in boxes that said they didn’t “work.”

They might also question whether energy hog EVs “work,” too.

How is our “carbon footprint” lessened by planting it elsewhere? And if there is a “crisis” – which is to say, a looming emergency – how can anything that causes even a little “carbon” beyond what is absolutely necessary to be “emitted” be tolerated? Aren’t high-performance/luxury EVs that tout ludicrous speed analogous to government allowing big box stores to remain open for business during a “dangerous pandemic”?

And allowing people to enter public places so long as they wore a “mask” – irrespective of whether it “worked”?

Demanding answers to such questions might have saved us from having to “mask” during the “pandemic.” And if we demand answers going forward – rather than submit whenever the Fear Machine eructs assertions – we might not be condemned to live in fear going forward.

. . .

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