Diaper Report: 08/03/2023

  • August 3, 2023

If you saw the Tom Cruise (and Nicole Kidman) movie, Eyes Wide Shut – which was the last film Stanley Kubrick directed before his death – before the (cough) “pandemic,” then you already knew all about the effectiveness of “masks.”

Kubrick did a service exploring just how they “work.” Especially when – as Tom Cruise’s character does in the movie – you take them off.

But Kubrick’s darker revelations about those who didn’t linger, for those who remember.

It is very important to never forget them. Especially in view of the fact at a High Masker has been put in charge of the Holy See that will bring back “masking” (and much else besides) at the first opportunity, which it will no doubt provide.

The person behind the “mask” is Mandy Cohen, “MD.” This “doctor” urged perpetual “masking” for all, including “vaccinated” kids in kindergarten through 8th grade, who were as much at risk of dying (or even getting seriously sick) from “COVID” as a fish is of drowning.

She even wore a “mask” emblazoned with the face of the Pope of Sickness Psychosis, Fauci the First, over her face. This at least served to cover a face best left unseen.

When this “doctor” was the Archbishop of Sickness Psychosis in the state of North Carolina during the “pandemic”  . . . of state-sponsored terror – she threatened legal repercussions for school officials who did not follow the catechism of Sickness Abiding, by wearing the Holy Garment. She was Jesuitically insistent that people obey “the science.” That is, herself – and the Pope of Sickness Abiding, Fauci the First.

That the Biden Regime appointed this cult leader head of the Centers for Disease Control – giving her federal authority over the entire country rather than just one poor state – is like hearing (and feeling) a train you can’t see yet coming down the tracks.

But you know it’s coming.

If you had any doubt whether “masks” would ever be coming back, now you know. To not expect that to happen is like Tom Cruise’s character in the movie expressing surprise when the head “masker” at the ball demands he take off his clothes.

Join a “mask” cult and that sort of thing happens.

Kubrick gave us a look at what goes on behind closed doors when people like Mandy Cohen wear the robes. But at least now people – some and hopefully enough of them – have come to understand who people like Mandy Cohen are and what “masks” represent. They have been to the ball – and they have seen.

The worrisome thing is that so many haven’t. They still do not understand who people like Mandy Cohen are. Nor what they rituals they proffered meant. And what is clearly intended by placing her in charge of the CDC, whose “guidelines” became Holy Writ during the three years of almost eschatalogical fervor about “COVID,” the sickness that didn’t kill 99.8 percent of the population not already having achieved the age at which most people die, of old age.

Healthy children – even toddlers – had to wear “masks” to salve the fear that a sickly 85-year-old might die. As if the sickly 85-year-old would otherwise live forever. We were “all in this together,” like cattle at a feed lot. Or the people who traveled with Jim to Jonestown. Or donned their Nikes and ate their pudding and ascended to the level beyond Human. It’s all the same thing – and Mandy Cohen will try the same thing, again.

But it goes largely unremarked. Most people don’t even know this woman’s name, despite everyone knowing Fauci’s. Ah, but that will change. Even though they do not yet see.

It is as if their eyes are wide shut, exactly what Kubrick was trying to convey.

. . .

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