Diaper Report: 08/08/2023

  • August 8, 2023

An interesting thing – something that appears to be generally true – about the people you see who are still wearing that ridiculous thing over their faces is that most of them appear to be unhealthy.

As in, significantly heavy.

Now, it’s true that being heavy does increase your susceptibility to getting sick – and your odds of becoming seriously sick. This is often given as a reason for the wearing of that thing (leaving aside that those things don’t protect the health of those wearing them anymore than the Emperor’s new clothes preventing people from seeing). The point is they believe they offer protection.

Well, fine.

But why not do something about being heavy – so as to no longer need the (cough) protection not afforded by that thing?

It’s been three years, almost, since the Cult of Sickness Abiding went mainstream. Three years is plenty of time to do something reduce one’s susceptibility to getting sick – and to becoming seriously sick. In three years’ time, even a morbidly obese person could slowly and carefully shed much of their excess weight and thereby shed much of their susceptibility to getting seriously sick.

Many haven’t. Yet many of these very people continue to wear that thing – often, while pushing a grocery cart full of the things that made them susceptible to getting sick. Twelve packs of soda; bags of chips. Boxes of high-salt, low-nutrition processed foods. It is fair to say many do not know these things are unhealthful. But if that’s fair to say, then is it not also fair to point out the often-strident lectures about the efficacy of those things one hears coming from the people who still wear those things?

They claim to have “done the research” – and “listened to the science.” Okay, but what about doing some research into the effect of obesity upon health? Doesn’t the “science” also say that it isn’t healthy to be heavy?

Many Americans seem to believe that dealing with effects is better than dealing with causes. When people get sick, many of them don’t decide it’s time to get healthier. Instead, they gobble pills and apply poultices (such as that thing) to palliate the effects of being sick, including chronically. Got high blood pressure? Here’s a pill? Never mind the scale. It is apparently too much effort to not eat more than you ought to (and to eat too much of the foods that aren’t good for you).

But it is very easy to place that thing over your face.


Or let someone put a needle in your arm.

A person I know recently advised friends that she and her husband had “gotten COVID” – again – and that it was more than just the sniffles. “Really hit me hard this time,” she related.

“I missed four days from work.”

But she had been (cough) “vaccinated” – twice!

Has the light gone on, yet?

Most of us who’ve never been “vaccinated” even once haven’t gotten “COVID” again. And when we got it before the “vaccines” were “warp speeded” into other people’s bodies, we got mildly sick – and got over it quick. We did not get “chills, headache, ran fever, accelerated heart rate” – as the husband of the “vaccinated” person I know experiences after receiving the “vaccination.”

Most of us who shunned the “vaccine” also never wore that thing, either. And none of us have “died suddenly,” nor developed heart problems we didn’t have before. Probably because we were healthy before.

That is the “science,” by the way.

Yet instead of encouraging people to take action to improve their health, injunctions (and shaming) were imposed upon the healthy, with no similar expectations demanded of the unhealthy. Healthy people were expected to wear that thing because unhealthy people might get sick. Unhealthy people weren’t finger-wagged about how unhealthy they were – and that they really ought to stop engaging in unhealthy behavior.

One can make an argument that – three years ago – these people didn’t know. And you can’t get healthy overnight. But you can in three years’ time. Many of the people you see who are still wearing that thing haven’t done a thing to get healthier over the past three years – because it iso much easier to cling to that thing.

Well, go ahead. But don’t expect those of us who know better to ever put on that thing again.

. . .

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