Diaper Report: 08/17/2023

  • August 17, 2023

Disco Fever never made a comeback – but Sickness Kabuki just may.

You can tell by watching and reading the predictive programming – e.g., CNN – brought to you by Pfizer. Which bought CNN and the rest of the corporate media shortly after it became legal for drug pushers to advertise on TeeeeVeeee. Drug pushers have a lot of money to spend and they spent it buying advertising space on CNN, et al. They bought so much advertising that CNN, et al, found they had become, for all practical purposes, owned by the drug pushers.

They do not admit this, of course. That would be a firing offense (as per Tucker Carlson). But they do tell you who their owners are:

The advertorials are warning of an imminent “triple threat”: The ‘Rona rebooted (of course) plus the flu and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). It’ll take at least three “masks” to “stop the spread” of that. Many people are already wearing one, again. And hospitals are pushing them again, according to reports received by the writer of these reports. There are once again boxes of the Let’s Play Doctor gear at the places where doctors are – and various attendants “asking” that people play along. They are not yet demanding – but how long will it be before they do?

Probably about two months.

There’s another election coming up, you see. How best to assure a positive result? The question answers itself.

As soon as people start getting the sniffles again, asking is likely to transition into demanding.

It won’t matter that you haven’t got the sniffles (catching them – catching the snot – is the only thing a “mask” may prevent some spreading of, but then there is the problem of a snot-suffused “mask” that continues to be worn, which is as “effective” at “stopping the spread” as wearing rather than changing a used diaper) or that the sniffles aren’t going to end you – unless you’re already almost there.

The only thing that will matter is how afraid people still are of the sniffles. That severity of those symptoms has not yet been palliated.

Speaking of that . . .

The advertorials are already urging people to get “vaccinated” – again. Even though they admit in the same breath that getting “vaccinated” (again) won’t prevent you from getting the ‘Rona, the flu or RSV – or spreading it, if you get it. Only that it will – here we go again – “reduce the chances of the worst outcomes.”

CNN – reading the talking points brought to them by Pfizer – says as follows:

“State and local health officials across the United States are bracing for a rise in respiratory illnesses this fall, and they are making plans to urge everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated against Covid-19, flu and respiratory syncytial virus once those shots become available.”

Italics added. They are “bracing” – means they are “making plans” to do some pressuring.

CNN quotes a white coat – Dr. Marcus Plescia – who is advertised as the “chief medical officer for the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials,” which is one of those non-governmental “agencies” that wields governing power. It “represents the public health agencies of all 50 states in the United States, the District of Columbia, the five U.S. territories, and the three freely associated states.” In other words, it is like the teacher’s union for the medical apparat. 

Among its stated goals are the “advancement of health equity” and “forming partnerships” to “increase rural immunization rates.” Isn’t that nice? It sounds  like it always does in these latter days, when entities that want to force something on you try to make it sound as though they aren’t determined to force something on you. 

Anyhow, the white coat brought to you by CNN, courtesy of Pfizer, says “We are very, very concerned about the upcoming pan-respiratory season.”

Italics added.

“Pan-respiratory”? It’s always sound policy in these latter days to take careful note of Suddenly Susan terms that come into almost-immediate general use – like “911,” for instance.

It is also worth bearing in mind that the Biden Thing’s choice for Gesundheitsfuhrer – that is, head of the Centers for Disease Control – is an even more controlling person that the outgoing R. Walensky (perhaps it ought to become a thing to refer to people in this manner, as they were referred to in the old Soviet Union, which seems to be what America is becoming, with an admixture of Chinese state “capitalism” salted in). The new Gesundheitsfuhrer is one M. Cohen, formerly the Krankenfuhrer of North Carolina during the late “pandemic.”

She is a very sick woman, indeed. She didn’t just wear a “mask.” She wore a “mask” emblazoned with the face of Anthony Fauci emblazoned upon it.

She wanted – she ordered – everyone to wear “masks,” too. That such a person has been given national authority (or rather, power) to “mask” the entire population ought to give you some clue about whether “masking” will be returning when the sniffles do. 

Protecting against respiratory diseases this fall is a central focus for CDC,” CNN helpfully relays. “Efforts will include preparing Americans for what to expect, helping them understand the risk for illness in their communities, and providing information on how they can protect themselves.” 

It all sounds so very Kumbaya, doesn’t it? But, of course, sensible people know what to expect – because they do understand the risk – and they know how to protect themselves.

From people such as M. Cohen and the rest of the apparat that’s been bought and brought to you by Pfizer.     

. . .

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