Diaper Report: 08/27/2023

  • August 27, 2023

It’s beginning – again. A school district in Kentucky – and another one, in Texas – have shut down on account of the cases! the cases! 

A “surge” of them, says Scott Lockard, who is the public health director – i.e., a gesundheitsfuhrer – for the Kentucky River District. “We’re seeing a lot of illness being reported consistent with COVID and influenza.”

Italics added.

Because the flu is now the ‘Rona – or might as well be. How long before it’s the sniffles?

Stay home when you’re sick,” Lockard says. “Previously it was a seen as a badge of courage” to not act is if you had the plague. “We don’t want to see that. We want, ‘I had symptoms, so I stayed home because I’m considerate.’ “

Or neurotic.

In South Texas, the Runge Independent School District cited a similar “surge” in “cases” that warranted a shutdown that began last week and would run through at least this coming Tuesday (August 29).

How big was the “surge”? How’s a 4.2 percent “positivity rate” strike you? Keeping in mind that “positivity” does not necessarily equate with the sniffles. As before, all it means is that a test now widely admitted to be as reliable as an ’87 Yugo with 150,000 miles on it (assuming it got that far).

Speaking of the sniffles . . .  .

One of the Gesundheithsfuhrers in Kentucky, Pete Sheperd – whose formal title (in English) is Director of the Public Health of Magoffin County in Kentucky – admits that the “cases” have “not been as severe.”

As they never were, as far as kids are concerned. Their infection fatality rate being on par with that of the sniffles.

How long before they close down the schools – and bring back “masks” – for that? This has in fact been suggested as reasonable by weaponized hypochondriacs, for whom the thought of the possibility anyone getting – or giving – the sniffles is sufficient to trigger an irrational, unreasonable, mentally ill response.

They are, after all, hypochondriacs.

Before this sickness of the mind was normalized (and weaponized) during the “pandemic,” people who were morbidly obsessed with illness and who acted out various strange rituals to ward it off were regarded with sympathy but also understood to have a problem.

Now they are our problem.

They are still in positions of authority – and worse, power. Viz, the new OberstGesundheitsfuhrer Der CDC, Mandy Cohen.

They have it in their power to shut down schools and towns and cities and whole states, just by saying gesundheit. That is, by declaring an “emergency,” which they can do just as easily. All they need is a “surge” in the “positivity rate.”

Just like last time. Just like anytime they want. Or at least, anytime around fall and during the winter, when it is normal for there to be a “surge” in the “positivity rate” of the sniffles. Until it became a pathological “concern” during the recent new abnormal.

A “concern” of mentally ill people, that is.

And that is the core problem that has yet to be treated and for that reason we can expect a resurgence of it; the fact that things seem more-or-less normal does not mean they are. What’s happened is that the ill have receded, deceptively, into the background; the ill once again look more-or-less like healthy people. Well, those of them who are not grossly obese and so obviously unhealthy. Many of these, it is worth observing, remain grossly obese and continue to practice the things that make one obese – such as eating excessively and eating unhealthy foods – while not practicing the things that would make them healthier, such as exercising. But they still wear the thing that marks them as mentally ill; i.e., the “mask” many of them no doubt would love to force us to wear again.

The point here is that hypochondria hasn’t been cured. It is merely – temporarily – less visible. It will return the moment the gesundheitsfuhrers say it’s ok to show the symptoms of it, again.

Which they are sure to do, again.

Which they are already beginning to do again.

Just wait until a few short weeks from now – when we can expect to see a real “surge” in the “positivity rate.” Part of that will be on account of it being fall and perfectly normal. But we may experience something very abnormal, if what there’s reason to believe about the gene-altering drugs that aren’t vaccines that were shot into millions of people’s bodies turns out to be true. That being increased susceptibility to getting sick – and more than just the sniffles – for those who allowed those drugs to be shot into their now immuno-compromised bodies.

The reason to believe it may be true is that it seems to be true that the people who are already getting sick (and sick again) are the people who got “vaccinated.” Those who didn’t aren’t – or don’t seem to be, if mounting anecdotal evidence jibes with the facts. You probably know someone who has “caught COVID” – again. Notwithstanding having taken another shot, again.

Perhaps precisely because they did take that shot. And the one before that one.

At any rate, it is not anecdotal that the same things that happened three years ago are happening again. In addition to the school closings there are new “mask” and “vaccine” mandates at a number of colleges, including Morris Brown College in Atlanta. More will follow in the wake of the “surge” in the “positivity rate.”

The Election Variant is coming, you see.

. . .

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