Diaper Report: 09/04/2023

  • September 4, 2023

You have probably been hearing about “masking” again –  via the same “media” that is once again advertising what those who paid for the ads want advertised. Isn’t it astounding how little attention is paid to such conflicts-of-interest? Including the interests of the advertisers – i.e., the drug cartels – who reaped billions by pushing drugs millions were all-but-forced to take.

In order that they might – at last – be allowed to take off the “mask” and go back to living, again.

The irony of the insouciance is even more striking when one reflects that the most insouciant – indeed, the most strident advocates for (and defenders of) the drug pushing and the “mask” wearing were the very people who used to rail stridently about such conflicts-of-interest. But that was before the Left became the Man – and bought control of corporate America and the “media.”

But this time, we have the advantage of foreknowledge.

We know what these pushers have in mind. And we know it is based on calculated hysterics, just the same as last time. This is our weapon against them. The one they used against us last time was the default tendency of the non-psychopathic brain to assume the best rather than the worst – as regards the intentions of others. And – usually – this is reliably reasonable as most people are not psychopaths. They may be annoying to you. They may not have the same opinion as you. But they are not consciously malignant. They do not mean to harm you. Unlike the psychopaths, who are indifferent to the suffering they plan to impose in order to further their plans. If the psychiatric literature is correct, better than 98 percent of us do not think like that – and have difficulty thinking (understanding) that there are people like that.

This time around, a very large slice of that 98 percent has come to understand. Will you be among them?

What will you do when – not if – the psychopaths attempt another “lock down”? What will you do when they try to force “mask” wearing again? Be aware – right now – that these creatures will try to do it by appealing to your psychologically normal instinct to not be callously indifferent toward the well-being of other people.

Granny might die!

And who wants to be responsible for granny dying?

You may have already heard about their new tactic, which is an elaboration of Granny might die! merged with the symbology of Black Lives Matter:

Vulnerable Lives Matter.

That’s their new marketing catchphrase for the next “pandemic.” They will try to browbeat you into compliance by exhorting you that failure to comply is tantamount to wishing death on the “vulnerable.”

This is powerful – because it seems like the morally right thing to do. That is to say, the right thing to do is to protect the “vulnerable.” As one instinctively does with regard to kids. As any man worthy of the title instinctively does with regard to women and old people.

But this is oilily different.

The “vulnerable” being mostly the ill.

As in mentally ill.

Like the doctor in the video above, who can be seen wearing not one but two “masks.” This is like seeing a lifeguard wearing not one but two pairs of heavy boots. Does the doctor not know that people who aren’t sick cannot spread sickness – and for that reason, their wearing a “mask” is like a celibate man wearing a prophylactic to avoid getting the girlfriend he hasn’t got pregnant? Does she – a doctor – not understand the witch-doctor absurdity of demanding other people wear a “mask” she says she believes protects the “vulnerable”? If so, then those who wear the “mask are not “vulnerable,” are they?

Such logic is wasted on such doctors. It is also why more and more of us no longer put much stock in what doctors say – about anything. For the same reason we don’t put much stock in what we’re told by politicians, which is what all-to-many doctors have become. Well, they’ve become the weaponized instruments of political terrorists.

Will we let them terrorize us again?

it can only happen again if we let them terrorize us again. All that’s necessary to prevent that from ever happening again is to refuse to tolerate it, ever again.

Once you understand that you are “vulnerable” – that your most decent impulses are being used against you by despicable people – you will understand how necessary it is to stand up to these despicable people.

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