Diaper Report: 09/19/2023

  • September 19, 2023

This isn’t so much a report about Face Diapers as it is a report about the effects they’ve had. Chief among them, of course, is the effectiveness they had in terms of getting an estimated two-thirds of the population to roll up their sleeves and accede to being injected with drugs that seem to do just about everything except prevent those who took them from getting (or spreading) the sickness they were misinformationed into believing they’d be immunized against getting – and therefore couldn’t spread.

Most people hated wearing a “mask” – as the disgusting (and silly) apparatus is style. It made them feel and look  . . . sheepish, that’s the word. It was hardest on those who weren’t afraid and knew there was little reason to be afraid – of the “virus,” that is. But they were made to look as if they were afraid – and that they agreed. The “mask” served as compelled speech – affirmation of the narrative that danger was in the air (literally) while at the same time symbolically shutting their mouths and the mouths of practically everyone else they could see. This made it appear that practically everyone agreed. It also made it socially much harder to show disagreement. People who didn’t wear the “mask” were shown the door. Were shunned by those who did wear it – including their closets friends and family.

Almost everyone was desperate to take the damned (and disgusting) things off. As had been anticipated by those who used “masking” to ready the populace for “vaccinating.” After a year or longer of having to wear a “mask” in order to be allowed to travel – and in many cases, to be allowed to earn a living – people were ready to be offered the way out. The way back to “normal,” as they remembered it.

All they had to do was roll up their sleeve . . .

Many ended up doing so more than once.

The good news is they were allowed to remove their “masks.” The bad news – which they only got after they’d rolled up their sleeves – was that the drugs they’d been injected with not only didn’t “stop the spread,” as they’d been told they would. They increased the spread – of heart problems, in people who’d not had such problems prior to being injected. Including people who rarely (to the point of almost-never) develop heart problems, such as elite-level athletes in their 20s and 30s. “Develop” is italicized to make clear the distinction between something you’re born with – i.e., congenital heart problems – and problems you did not have until just suddenly.

Until just after having rolled up your sleeve.

At first, the weird uptick in myocarditis and pericarditis – inflammation of the heart and/or heart sac – was dismissed as coincidence; it had nothing to do with the “vaccines,” as the drugs were misinformationally called. When the correlation became too blatant to continue denying it, the drug pushers (including the odious Dr. Fauci) admitted it – but minimized it – while continuing to push the drugs.

And the “masks”!

Now there’s something else to report – about the effects of the drugs that have been pushed (and pumped into bodies of perhaps as many as two-thirds of the arms of the population).

An oncologist within my orbit of acquaintance reports a surge in cases of cancer – and that the cases she is seeing are aggressive and for that reason likely to result in death, which was (cruel irony) extremely unlikely, pre-“vaccine” – for those who were not already near death due to advanced age, chronic sickness or morbid obesity.

She says the hospital where she works is – if not quite overflowing (yet) – very busy all of a sudden. Not with people who are sick with “COVID” but who are dying from what seems to be caused by the supposed “cure” for it.

It is not just this doctor, either. Reports abound from all over the country about upticked-all-of-a-sudden cancer diagnosis. And – just as happened when the first reports about heart problems began to percolate upward – these reports are dismissed as misinformation by the very people who specialize in that art. Even worse, perhaps, is that many of the “front line” people – the doctors who’ve been used as white-coated shock troops by the people pushing the drugs – seem to be oddly incapable of taking note of the obvious.

The oncologist of my acquaintance, for instance, worries about the weird (and sudden) increase in cancer patients she’s seeing – and that their cancers are more-than-usually aggressive ones. Yet she is blind to the correlation. The increase in people “suddenly” coming down with cancer – like the healthy young people who’ve been dying “suddenly” – is inexplicable.

What could possibly be causing it?

Well, anything – everything – except (of course) the one thing that is most obviously likely – it being the one thing almost all of these people have in common. As well as the one thing that those who have not “died suddenly” – or “suddenly” developed heart problems or cancer – also have in common.

That thing being they didn’t roll up their sleeves.

. . .

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