Diaper Report: 09/24/2023

  • September 24, 2023

For the past three years, almost, these reports have been headlined, Diaper Reports. As in Face Diapers, which seemed about right because that’s how they looked. But perhaps the time has come to call them something more apropos – such as Idiot Rags.

It’s more accurate, for openers.

Who else – besides an idiot – is still wearing one of these rags? Only idiots – who still believe, contrary to three years, almost, of evidence to the contrary, that wearing them “works.”

Back when America was still a generally healthy society, idiots were mocked – because idiocy was considered just that. But America has changed. It is now considered bad manners to mock idiocy or even to call it directly by its proper name. We are expected to pretend there’s nothing idiotic about about walking around with that rag over one’s face. Is it any wonder kids are “identifying” as “furries” in school – and teachers are tolerating it?

It ought not to be. Because teachers are accepting it. Just as many of us pretend to accept that this idiocy of people still walking around with that rag over their faces isn’t idiotic.

We pretend we don’t see the idiot at the cash register – and deal with him or her (who can tell anymore?) as if it were perfectly normal to encounter a person wearing that thing.

Three years ago, it would have been a what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-them moment. Probably, it’d never have come to that because no employer in his right mind would have hired an obviously ill (in the head) person and thereby made them the face of his business.

Three years ago, would you have bought food from a restaurant at which the server wore that rag over their face? It’s more than enough to make you not hungry.

But this report is as much about idiocy returning as it is about idiocy remaining. The two things being intertwined, of course. CNN reliably “reports” thatCovid-19 hospitalizations have been on the rise in the United States for months, with weekly admissions now more than triple what they were two months ago.” 

The cases! The cases! 

Here we go, again.

More than 20,500 people in the US were admitted to the hospital with Covid-19 during the week ending September 9, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – about 8 percent higher than the week before.”

Italics added, because they were probably admitted with (or because of) something else – the COVID coming along for the ride.

But what’s worth reporting on is this: “Seniors have the highest rates of Covid hospitalizations by far, but hospitalizations among children — especially among those younger than 5 — are rising fast.” 

CNN does not specify what constitutes “rising fast” – probably because “rising fast” means that instead of one out of 10,000 kids hospitalized for “COVID” it is now two out of 10,000 – which CNN, et al, would probably frame as a “100 percent increase.”

But if it’s actually a significant increase, what could account for it?

Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that kids were never at much “risk” from the ‘Rona. In fact, their “risk” was essentially nonexistent, unless they were morbidly obese or had some other major pre-existing health problem. Otherwise, they were more statistically likely to be killed as a result of a mishap at after-school football practice than by the ‘Rona.

So why the supposed (per CNN) increased rate of hospitalizations for kids? One possible variable comes obviously to mind but it dare not be spoken by CNN. Kids weren’t being hospitalized much during the height of the (cough) “pandemic,” when the ‘Rona was said to be at its most virulent. This was when it didn’t kill 99.8-something percent of the generally healthy adult population under the age of 75.

And even fewer kids.

But after the wave crested – and the most virulent strain of the ‘Rona dissipated – what happened? Probably 80-plus percent of kids got “vaccinated.” That is to say, they were injected with drugs that we now know cause the person who took them to be more likely to get sick – and to get sicker from it. The Biden Thing warned of a “plague of the unvaccinated,” but it turns out they’re not the ones getting sick – or being hospitalized. It is the people who were gulled and pressured into taking the drugs they were assured were vaccines.

Kind of like the way people are assured by oily salesmen that a time-share condo is an “investment.” Just without the health repercussions.

“We haven’t really seen this for many months, but we’re starting to see people come into the hospital critically ill,” said CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a cardiologist and professor of medicine and surgery at George Washington University. “There needs to be a greater sense of urgency because deaths are rising, hospitalizations are rising.”

What could possibly account for this? Especially given that we’re told the current-in-circulation “variants” are mild.

Correlation is not necessarily causation, of course. But it is certainly warrant enough for investigation. Or so you’d think.

But we no longer live in a thinking age. You can see it for yourself, almost everywhere you go.

. . .

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