Diaper Report: 1/02/2024

  • January 2, 2024

Halloween is almost 11 months away – but so is the next selection. So it’s no surprise that enforced “mask” wearing is beginning to happen, already – and again.

Beginning in – of all places – health care facilities, such as hospitals. As in LA County, CA – wherein the wearing of “masks” is now required (again). As in the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and 40 other affiliated hospitals in Pennsylvania. Also the University of Massachusetts Medical Center and most of the hospitals in the state of Washington as well.

Did these people not go to medical school?

It is like encountering a plumber who insists that wrapping a leaky pipe with paper towels will staunch the flow. Or an electrician who thinks a piece of tinfoil works dandy as a fuse.

But this is not a medical problem.

It is a political problem.

You may remember The Hunt for Red October, starring Sean Connery. It was about a Soviet submarine commander who defected to the West – along with his nuclear-armed missile boat. The relevant portion of the film – as regards this discussion – has to do with the boat’s Zampolit, or political officer. In the Soviet Union, a boat (and an army) had a commander and a Zampolit, to supervise the commander. To make sure he correctly adhered to political orthodoxy. The term political correctness is an old Soviet term that dates back to the Stalin era.

At any rate, the Red October’s commander knows he cannot defect with his boat without first doing something about the Zampolit – and so he does.

The medical apparat of this country hasn’t, yet.

When people think of hospitals – and doctors – many think mistakenly. They regard their local hospital and the doctor they see as if they still are what the once were. They are now something very different. The hospitals are chains – just like Wal Mart – owned by a few large corporate “health care provider” cartels. They are like what the “mainstream” media became when what had been independent local newspapers were bought up by a few large corporations and became unitary mouthpieces for the message the corporations that owned them wished to purvey. Your local paper is now a Potemkin facade of what it was. Most of what it published being the same “news” published by the others, all of them receiving it from the same source.

Doctors, meanwhile, are now a lot like what journalists who work for the “mainstream” media have become: Employees. Both do as they are told by the corporations that control their employment. Which is to say, by the relative handful of people who control those corporations.

Doctors were once (and not that long ago) more like journalists once were, also not long ago. They were cowboys of a sort. They tended to be independent-minded types who preferred to look into things for themselves and do things the way they thought best. Many owned their own small practice. My grandfather – an allergist – was one such. He was not owned by a “health” cartel and thereby reduced to an employee (just like the janitor who mops the floors) who was obliged to do as he was told by a “heath” cartel Zampolit.

Most MDs now are obliged – because they are owned by the “health” cartels that own the hospital chains that control the doctors’ working space. Few can afford to do as my grandfather did and establish their own, independent practice precisely (and ironically) because of the co-option of medicine by corporations, which has resulted in the cost of becoming a doctor and practicing medicine rising so high that few can afford to do both without becoming part of the corporate-controlled “health” apparat.

When you have a quarter-million in medical school debt (and maybe another $50k in malpractice insurance payments annually) hanging over your head, it is understandable why so many doctors bow their heads – and go along with witch-doctoring rituals such as “masking.”

They do what they’re told. And now – again – they are telling us what to do.

Will we do it? We’d better not – and starting now. Like cancer, this metastasis must be treated early and relentlessly. The most effective time to refuse the proffered “mask” is when it is first proffered. When people haven’t gotten used (again) to just doing it.

The witch-doctoring is “expected to remain in effect for approximately one month,” says the president of UMass Memorial Medical Group.

Mark the italics.

It is a health care collective. The same in LA as in Washington as in almost everywhere else in this country, too. The impetus behind the witch-doctoring at hospitals in Washington is Kaiser Permanente, which controls them – and thereby, owns the doctors who practice within them. 

The health and well-being of our patients, visitors and employees is our top priority,” says the president of the UMass Memorial Medical Group. 

Whether he believes this is beside the point. He will do as he is told by his employer. As will the doctors whose choice will be to do as they’re told or find another way to earn a living.

As bad as this is for them, it is worse for us. The entire medical system has been corrupted and can no longer be trusted, much less respected. They might at least do us the honest courtesy of wearing patches on their white coats proudly touting their sponsors – in the manner of race car drivers with Pennzoil and Bud Lite patches over their suits.

But it may in the end be good for us, too.

In that it would be better for us to take care of ourselves than to kowtow to these witch doctors.

. . .

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