Diaper Report: 10/03/2023

  • October 3, 2023

CNN – brought you by Pfizer!reports that there is a “mental health crisis in America.” One that could “undermine our democracy.”

Truer words were never TelePrompter’d.

Except the words were not meant in the proper sense. The CNN story was mostly about the mental health problems of soldiers – specifically, post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, the malady of the mind once referred to as shell shock or combat fatigue. Whatever it is called, it is essentially the same thing: The sufferer’s peace-of-mind has been shattered by exposure to horrible (often violent) things. He is left on edge, all the time – and is often unable to function normally.

Does this not describe America?

For three years, the country has been shell-shocked by one horrible thing after another. First it was the deliberately fomented mass hysteria event called “COVID” and “the pandemic,” which was used to turn almost everyone against almost everyone else. People who’d done nothing wrong were sentenced to house arrest, as if they were convicted criminals. These were called “lock downs,” a term previously applied only to criminals. Those who knew they weren’t resented it, chafed under it – disobeyed it.

Their co-workers, friends and even family members resented them for not playing along with it.

The same divide was engineered over the ridiculous and degrading “masks” people were told they had to wear – and if they refused, it was ok to treat them as suppurating lepers. To throw them out of stores – and work. It is only a slight exaggeration to state that those who refused to “mask” experienced a kind of combat not unlike that which can result in PTSD in a soldier. It was fatiguing to know almost everyone around you regarded you as some kind of threat – merely for showing your face. To not just be able to walk into a store to shop – but to prepare yourself for a likely confrontation. One that could (and sometimes did) get physical.

Everywhere you went, you heard the TeleScreens and Party Orators screeching about the cases! the cases! and how “we’re all in this together.”

Stay Safe! became the new see you later.

Just having to see crazy people everywhere you went – and knowing they regarded you as the problem if you weren’t “practicing” the prescribed rituals – was enough to drive you to question your own sanity. One felt like Winston Smith in Orwell’s 1984 – having to constantly recite the salving mantra that sanity is not statistical.

It was enervating.

And it still is – because one knows many of these people one sees walking around loose are not well but only appear to be, for now. The really crazy ones – the ones you see still wearing their Idiot Rags – are just the tip of the New Abnormal iceberg. The sane know just how widespread mental illness is, having seen it for themselves. The fact that is presently harder to see does not mean it has gone away.

It is merely quiescent. It remains lurking, waiting to be triggered again. Because it has yet to be treated.

The core pathology remains. Tens of millions of people are paralyzed by the fear that something might happen. It need not be anything specific. And it need not be something that actually happens to them.

Just that it might.

“COVID” did not become a “pandemic” without a predicate.

Before hypochondria could be effectively weaponized, pathological dread of risk needed to be conditioned into the general population. It is difficult to say exactly when then this began but you can point to such things as the transition from most people not wearing seat belts in cars – and most kids not being strapped into “safety” seats – to the current near-fetishization of seat belt-wearing and keeping near-adolescents strapped into “safety” seats.

There were Volvos for people who were afraid of driving – and fun cars for everyone else. Now every car is a Volvo – in spirit.

Saaaaaaaaaaafety first!

And at gunpoint, don’t forget. Instead of cops going after criminals, they began going after people who didn’t “buckle up.” These same cops now evince pathological fear themselves. Officer Saaaaaaaaaaaefty first!

Their fear of us heightens our fear of them.

They don’t teach kids to drive anymore. They teach kids to be afraid of doing it. No surprise, a record-high percentage – something on the order of 25 percent of those in the 16-21 age cohort – don’t even have a driver’s license. Many were also raised to regard the world outside of their parents’ sight as filled with danger – and to never be out of their parents’ sight, because something bad might happen.

And – ironically – it did. Just not in the way meant. Rather, in the way intended. Or at least, the inevitable way, as one thing naturally follows the next.

People have been taught to be afraid of everything – so it ought to be not especially surprising so many are now morbidly afraid of catching a cold.

To cure that will take a lot of work.

In the meanwhile, the healthy and sound face the challenge of dealing with those who aren’t, who earnestly believe they are avoiding Great Danger – everywhere – and that we are who don’t see it everywhere are the ones to blame for propagating it. That sets up a daunting dilemma, doesn’t it?

For them as well as for us.

. . .

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