Diaper Report: 10/20/2023

  • October 20, 2023

It’s almost Halloween. Maybe that explains it.

A video has surfaced, just in time to scare the crap out of us – again. A woman went into a Wells Fargo bank to conduct some business. She was immediately surrounded by costume-wearing Freaks of the sort once-upon-a-time seen only on Halloween (or within the walls of mental institutions). They all had “masks” over their faces. They demanded the woman place one over her face as well. She demurred – it not being actually Halloween for another week yet.

This triggered an uproar of outrage. You’d have thought it was almost Halloween of 2021 – not almost 2024.

As it turns out, the video was apparently taken in 2021, at the height of Sickness Psychosis. But it is worth watching because it shows us what might happen again in 2024.

There is, after all, an election coming.

Newsweek says as follows:

“The sharing of the old video on social media this week comes as conservatives continue to rage against any possible return to mask mandates in the U.S. In April, President Joe Biden signed a congressional resolution to end the COVID-19 pandemic national emergency, but more recently, some health officials have suggested a possible return to wider mask mandates in the winter months.”

Italics added.

As if there were no reason for “conservatives” – for sane people – to rage. Seeing this again –  even if it didn’t happen yesterday – is not unlike seeing an armband, again, if you lived through the late unpleasantness in Germany. It amounts to the same thing – but (of course) people are expected to pretend it’s a different thing.

At any rate, it was scary indeed to see 2021 all over again within walls of that Tennessee Wells Fargo branch. It felt like it, too – even if you were only watching it.

The hive-mind mentality and belligerent insistence upon being a part of it. The same no legitimate reason for it. “It’s our policy,” says one of the Freaks whose face is “masked” – and who probably deeply resented the sight of someone who is in a position to ignore the “policy” of Wells Fargo.

The woman who refused to “mask up” does not work for Wells Fargo. Even better, she turns out to have been a lawyer.

This proved helpful when a “mask” wearing law-enforcer appeared, at the behest of the Wells Fargo Freaks. The “mask” refuser explained to the enforcer that she was being refused service by the bank, which held her money. She understood they had the right to decline to do business with her but explained the bank had no right to keep her money. She had told the Freaks that if they would not do business with her unless she kowtowed to their “policy” that she perform a strange ritual the law did not require, she would not do business with them – and asked that they give her all of her money.

This apparently amounted to some $200,000. Too much money to pass through the drive-through, which was the “solution” offered by one of the Freaks to the impasse. The woman refused this “solution” and continued to insist that the bank hand over what wasn’t theirs to keep, as a matter of law. This was explained to the “masked” enforcer, who parroted the nostrums she had been trained to parrot.

But it was not effective because the woman – being a lawyer – knew the law. Lucky for her, this time it had some effect. It was lucky because – remember – no laws had been passed requiring the performance of strange rituals concocted to instill mass psychosis – the fact as well as the appearance, both serving to enhance one another. Yet people were still heavily pressured to participate in – and so appear to amen the necessity of them. The rituals – of which “mask” wearing was merely one – were enforced by an oppressive near-universality of policies – which were often enforced by law enforcers.

All that’s changed then vs. now is that most venues no longer have such “policies” in effect and law enforcement isn’t – generally – enforcing them.

But that could change just like that. Far faster than it takes to pass a law, which generally takes time and legal process – always a problem for the Freaks who seek to impose controls.

So what we see in the video of this encounter is a kind of preview of encounters all of us could be having again.

All it would take would be a mass implementation of such “policies” by the relative handful of corporate conglomerates that did exactly that back in 2021. Banks being among the scariest of these because they hold your money. Without which you cannot do very much.  This  is why central bank digital currency – i.e., non-physical money – is so scary. The banks could enforce their “policy” – the “policy” of the CDC (or the WEF) – at more than just the bank.

Now might be a good time to withdraw most or even all of your money, as the lawyer lady threatened to do.

In her case, this could not be done because the bank did not have her money – a fact worth considering. This fact ended up working in her favor – back then. The bank Freaks folded and allowed the woman to do the business she’d come there to do – without continuing to insist she don the apparel of a mentally ill Freak as the condition of service.

The enforcer was unwilling to enforce anything -because she lacked legal authority to enforce policies rather than laws. But that was only because she felt unsure of herself, this time.

How about next time?

And that time will come, again – if the mentally healthy minority kowtow to mentally ill “policies,” again.

So – don’t.

The power of No is mighty. It is the only way shy of the sword to prevent this from happening ever again. They cannot arrest everyone. They must have general obedience – however sullen – to further their schemes. All it sometimes takes is one person to dash them.

More can shatter them.

Mass refusal is not just how sanity prevails. It is how sanity is preserved.

It could have been done in 2021.

Let’s not let them bring back 2021 in 2024 – or ever again.

. . .

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