Diaper Report: 10/24/2023

  • October 24, 2023

It’s almost Halloween – the annual day of wearing costumes. It’s mostly for kids, but maybe it ought to be for adults as well this year. It might be cathartic – it might be purgative – to get as many grown-ups as possible to do the one thing none of them ought to have done for months on end during the (cough) “pandemic.”

Wear a “mask.”

Wear several.

More than just that. How about full sickness psychosis regalia? The “mask” and the gloves. Also the shield, to achieve the full effect. Get creative!

You wouldn’t send your kid out to trick or treat wearing just a mask. If he’s going as Dracula or a ghost, he needs the whole outfit.

And so do we.

It’s our chance to reverse what was done to us – by a national-level mocking event of what was done to us. Imagine almost everyone walking around on Halloween wearing three or four “masks” – as many as can be managed while still being able to breath – plus the gloves and the plastic face shield.

Dress up like your favorite mask-pushing Gesundheitsfuhrer!

Pretend to be scared when someone else gets too close to you. Make a big show of walking around them in a wide circle. Jump when someone else coughs or clears their throat. Carry a bottle of windex and a towel with you, to ostentatiously wipe down every door hande before your gloved hand touches it.

The effect would be stupendous!

And so would the results.

If this could be organized, if this were to happen, it would be almost impossible for anyone to not show their face the day after Halloween. It would look as ridiculous as walking around with a Frankenstein mask the day – the month – after Halloween.

Social pressure was used to get people to “mask” – in order to make it look as if everyone was terrified of getting sick, which served to make it much easier for the sick bastards who fomented the “pandemic” mass-hysteria to impose their sick regime of “social distancing” and thereby societal alienation. It facilitated the lethal-to-the-political-health of this country casting into widespread doubt the integrity of the 2020 election by providing the false pretext for turning election day into election months and instead of people showing up to vote and having people check that they had a right to vote, collecting (and counting) unvetted mail-in votes.

Let’s use social pressure for good!

Whether you supported the Orange Man or the Biden Thing is not the point. The point is there has yet to be a true accounting of the vote. We are told – by the Biden Thing and those who supported him – that we must just accept the vote, despite the way those votes were cast (and counted) having occurred under palpably suspicious and incontestably unprecedented circumstances.

And that will happen again, if this business isn’t treated before the next election.

Mocking the “masking” would go far toward that end by making it very hard for them to seriously try imposing it, again. It would be like trying to get everyone to put on a clown’s ruffle and red nose, along with the extra-large shoes. Almost everyone would laugh – and that is powerful medicine.

Remember: The Devil – the proud spirit – cannot bear to be mocked.

And neither can the people in human form who are devils, themselves. Most of these are not the ones you saw “masked” during the (snort!) “pandemic.” Those were merely the victims of devils such as the truly scary Dr. Fauci and other such costume-wearing freaks. They knew exactly what they were doing – and fomenting. We’re fools if we do not let them know we know – and that we will never let them do it to us, again.

That alone would make it well worth doing to dress up in mockery of what they imposed on us with all the seriousness of the gelb stern – and for the same reasons.

And there is also the purgative reason.

This nation needs to shed itself of the past three years – not just try to forget it ever happened. The latter doesn’t address the damage done; it merely shoves it below the level of daily consciousness, in the manner of trying to forget about the funny uncle who touched you in a bad place when you were little.

Much better to confront what was done. To get it all in the open. To – in this case – make a laughingstock of evil.

And by doing that, release its hold on us forever.

. . .

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