Diaper Report: 11/02/2023

  • November 2, 2023

The kid in that Bruce Willis movie, The Sixth Sense, said he saw dead people. I see “masked” people.

Even though it’s not Halloween.

Not many of them. But always at least one. If you go to a supermarket or a Lowes or any other place where there are lots of people about, it is almost a sure-bet you’ll see at least one person dressed as if it were Halloween.

As if every day were Halloween.

But what does it show us?

Two things.

The first is that the weaponization of hypochondria has been very effective. Even now – when it is clear to anyone who is capable of rational thought that “masks” are neither effective nor necessary (as there’s no reason to wear something that isn’t effective to ward off a threat that doesn’t exist) there are still people who doggedly wear them and will likely never stop wearing them. They have become – literally – an article of faith for these people, just the same as certain religious communities also have their articles of faith, such as the pork pie hats worn by Orthodox Jews.

The difference being Orthodox Jews know their faith is a religion.

The still-“masked” believe theirs isn’t. They believe they are acting rationally. Crazy people think this way. Put another way, they do not believe they are crazy. They believe everyone else is. You can see this belief in the eyes of the still-“masked” – which of course is just about all you can see. The fear – and the loathing, of the not-“masked.” You can almost read their minds.

Or rather, what’s left of them.

They see lunatics – crazy people oblivious to the threat in the air. They see reckless people, indifferent to the safety and health of others. It is not a matter of great speculation to imagine what these still-“masked” people would like to do to the crazy, reckless people they see all around them.

If only they still had the power to do it.

They are like dangerous dogs restrained by a leash – although it is the things on the other end of the leash that constitute the real danger. The ones responsible for weaponizing hypochondria. The ones responsible for normalizing it. The ones who have done nothing to treat it.

The still-“masked” are to be pitied as they have been fooled – and used. They have been taught to fear by those who benefitted from their terror, deliberately inculcated. Perhaps the most singularly evil aspect of the “pandemic” was the ramping up of people’s fears. A virus that was very quickly known to be almost no serious threat to almost everyone was malignantly framed as a universal and deadly threat to everyone.

But this didn’t etiolate out of nowhere.

America was already pretty sick (in the head) long before the “virus” was used to make Americans even sicker-in-the-head. The fear – of everything – was already widespread. People having been taught to fear. This has been especially effective as regards the younger crowd, the ones born into a country where Stranger Danger was around every corner and the family car was so dangerous they had to be strapped into a harness while inside it. Danger – rather than freedom – has been the message ululating from essentially everywhere since at least the late 1980s.

Healthy young people are afraid of doing without health insurance. They might get sick! Many people are afraid of snow. They might wreck! Soon, they will be so afraid of dark clouds – it might rain! – that they will be afraid to drive. There are so many dangerous drunks on the road we’d better presume everyone is a dangerous drunk!

In-car Breathalyzers for all cars!

It is no wonder so many people are afraid.

It is no wonder it was so easy to make them more afraid. It is all they know – in part because it’s all they’ve been told.

And because they’re so afraid, they are no longer able to think rationally. Even when the truth is literally all around them  – they can see that almost everyone else isn’t still-“masking” and they don’t appear to be dying – they refuse to see it. They cling tightly to their fears, because it makes them feel safe.

That is what the evil bastards who fomented this fear have done to these people, who are to be pitied rather than scorned.

And also to us, who have to see them.

. . .

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