Diaper Report: 11/15/2023

  • November 15, 2023

You still see them.

Not everywhere. Not in numbers. But it’s not like it was – when you never saw them anywhere – excepting within a surgical suite. Certainly not on the face of the person manning the cash register at the supermarket – as I just saw.

The kid – he appeared to be in his late teens/early 20s – was the only one in the store wearing that thing. This clearly didn’t cause him to think that perhaps it is ok to not wear that thing.

“Think” being the operative fallacy, of course. Such people don’t. They believe. They want to believe, is probably more accurate.  Even in the face of so much evidence that what they believe is as absurd as believing it’s reasonable to walk around on dry land wearing a life preserver for just-in-case.

And far more degrading.

Wearing that thing has become a symbol of their belief, much as the sans culottes refused to wear the breeches and stockings that (to them) identified the wearer as an enemy of the French revolution.

It is also symbolic of what America has become – and that is what’s most objectionable about that thing.

This was – only four years ago! – a country in which you didn’t see freaks walking around unless you happened to be walking around New York City or San Francisco. Everywhere else, you saw just people. This was so because – outside of New York City and San Francisco – freaks were regarded as such and this tended to discourage them from displaying their aberrations publicly. More to the point, freaks weren’t tolerated in the context of civil society or employment. Four years ago, if that kid manning the cash register at the supermarket had shown up for work wearing that thing, his boss would have told him to take it off. Not to be mean – but because customers are off-put by freaks and don’t want to deal with them. Don’t want to see them.

It is bad for business.

How would you have reacted to a cashier – a server at a restaurant – wearing that thing on his face just four years ago? Probably you would have wondered about the mental stability of the person. Four years ago – it seems a lifetime has passed – such freaks were generally encountered at busy intersections in bad parts of a city; a schizoid squeegee man with a greasy rag in hand – putting out his hand for a “donation” in exchange for leaving you (and your car) alone.

Now we are stuck having to see – and deal – with these freaks on a regular basis. But it is much worse than that, of course. We are supposed to pretend we do not see them. Or – rather – pretend that they aren’t freaks – and deal with them as if they were normal people.

To do otherwise is considered bad form, even mean. Their feelings might get hurt. And on account of that, our feelings – along with respect for objective reality – must be suppressed. We must defer to their derangement by pretending it isn’t; that it is perfectly normal for a young guy to wear that thing over his face – and to work! The kid’s boss dare not tell him to take that goddamn thing off; if he were to do do so, he’d get into trouble. He must pretend not to see the derangement of his employee – and thereby pretend such derangement is normal.

Nothing to see here . . .

And that is a measure of what those things have done to us. America will probably never be what it was – just four years ago – when abnormality was recognized as such and treated as such. There were crazy people walking around in those days too, of course, But the difference was we knew they were crazy and it was ok to say so.

Now, it isn’t considered polite to say so.

Unsurprisingly, it is also a de facto crime (and soon, apt to become a de jure crime) to pretend not to see that he isn’t a she – or that she isn’t a he. It’s not a coincidence that the rise – and normalizing – of that mental aberration followed closely upon the heels of the enforced normalization of the wearing of that goddamned thing over people’s faces.

A Frenchman had something to say about this – to the effect that if they can make you believe in absurdities, atrocities will inevitably follow.


Apres it, le deluge.

. . .

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