Diaper Report: 11/27/2023

  • November 27, 2023

One good side effect of the “pandemic” is that skepticism is spreading. And it just may prove fatal . . . to authority.

“Most people have not gotten the latest vaccine and half say they are not taking precautions this holiday season,” wails the headline accompanying something called the KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor (see here).

As the public heads into the fourth holiday season with the virus, about half of adults say they do not plan to get the latest vaccine which became publicly available nearly two months ago. This includes three in ten of those who were previously vaccinated.”

Italics added.

Even the “vaccinated” are becoming . . . hesitant.

And at least half the population are more than that. They no longer trust “the science,” which (per The Princess Bride) does not mean what many used to think it meant; i.e., objective, tested and affirmed conclusions based upon facts.

At least half the population has come to understand that “the science” has a political meaning – one similar to “democracy” in the argot of those who use these terms to wheedle people into believing they mean what people used to think they meant.

All of that – or at least, a lot of that – is out the window now and probably for good. And this is very good.

Skepticism of authority and its assertions, that is. What was it The Chimp said? Fool me once . . . shame on you. Fool me twice . . . can’t get fooled again” . . . something like that.

And exactly so.

Three years ago, there was still enough residual trust in authority that most people didn’t need to be pressured to “mask” or (inevitably) to line up for an injection with drugs they were assured by authority were safe and effective and that would prevent them from getting or spreading the spooky virus the same authority assured everyone was dangerous to everyone.

Almost everyone now knows these were lies. Not mistakes. Not “misinformation.” Knowing, deliberate untruths spread to scare people and to get them to play along with three long years of sickness kabuki. Everyone was expected to pretend they might be sick and dreaded getting sick; so much so they were terrified to enter a Wal-Mart without a dirty old bandana pulled up over their faces.

After all, granny might otherwise die.

But after three years of this, it is no longer selling. The “masks” have (mostly) come off; those still wearing them do so now for political rather than health reasons and (per the poll referenced earlier) a majority of the populace is not getting injected with whatever it is those drugs they’re trying to push actually are.

They want to know what they are – before they agree to be injected. They want to know they are in fact safe and effective and more than that, they demand to know why they ought to take them. If a satisfactory answer is not forthcoming, many no longer will.

Just take them – because we say so – is no longer enough.

Due diligence is making a much-needed comeback, in other words.

Dogs and cats (and cattle) do not question what they are being injected with. They are simply injected with whatever their owners deem it necessary to have them injected with. And even that is now being questioned by the owners, who – unlike our putative and would-be owners – genuinely care about their well-being of their animals.

It is no longer sufficient to just trust what the vet says – let alone the doctor. The entire medical apparat has – deservedly – lost the implicit trust (and assumption of goodwill) that it once enjoyed. Four years ago, most people would simply follow doctor’s orders – in part because they weren’t orders (doctors not having the power to force drugs on their patients) but mainly because they trusted the authority of the man in the white coat with the sheepskin on the wall.

They believed he was looking out for them.

They now understand he is looking out for himself – looking to not be fired – and is no more to be trusted at face value than any used car salesman. For that is exactly what doctors have, tragically, become. Only worse. They do not merely sell drugs. They push them. Drugs pushed on them by the pharmaceutical cartels and HMOs that own the medical system, that have turned doctors into employee-minions who do as they are told – telling people to do as they are told, in turn.

The used car salesman merely wheedles. If you fall prey to him, you may end up with a lemon. But that is much better than ending up with myocarditis.

Everyone understands the used car salesman is not to be trusted; that everything he says is suspect. If you buy a car from him, you assume there is something wrong with it until you have confirmed there isn’t. Before you buy it.

Then you (might) buy it.

That is the situation now with regard to doctors and what they’re still pushing. Their selling out has cost them everything. Trust, once lost, is very hard to recover.

If it ever is.

But, sad as this is in a way, it is also a kind of second growing up. Children do as they are told by their parents, in part because they trust their parents love them and are telling them what to do for their own good. And that is – usually – true. But authority is different. It tells adults what to do because it is good for authority – in that an obedient population is necessary for authority to be authority.

If it lacks that, it no longer is.

Thank God for that.

Adults ought to always question authority. Remember when Leftists claimed they believed in just that? As they claimed they believed in free speech . . . and “choice.” At least, so long as you made the one Leftists agree with.

The salutary point is that America may be recovering. The patient is still a little lightheaded and confused, but the sickness appears to be passing.

And health returning.

. . .

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