Diaper Report: 12/04/2023

  • December 4, 2023

Seinfeld used to say, who are these people? How about what’s wrong with these people?

People such as Mandy Cohen – chosen by the Biden Thing to replace Rochelle Walensky as what Hermann Goring styled Der Reichsspritzenmeister (he was referring to Hitler’s chief quack, Theo Morrell, who was notorious for injecting the Fuhrer with a variety of drugs that were neither safe nor effective).

But at least Morrell only injected Hitler – who was willing.

Cohen (like her predecessor) wants to inject everyone and with drugs she has got to know are similar to the ones concocted by the Reichsspritzenmeister. A CNN article quotes Cohen as saying it “remains important for Americans to get vaccinated, since there are now vaccines against all three of these respiratory illnesses.”

And they’re all just as effective as the one that preceded them. This time, however, Americans no longer trust “the science,” having been duped to participate in an experiment that didn’t turn out so well. No doubt they are leery about the safe part, too.

So it’s not surprising that the new Reichsspritzenmeister is doing her best to amp up the hysteria necessary to return things to the new abnormal. “Should a person get sick, it’s also critical to be tested,” CNN quotes her as saying. You can almost hear it, can’t you?

The cases! The cases!

Yes, indeed. It is “critical” to “be tested” when you get the sniffles because you never know. And of course, neither do the tests – which are are infamously inaccurate in that just about every “case” is positive.

Cohen is also counting bodies – “1,000 ever week,” she says (with a gleam in her eye, per Don Henley’s classic hit, Dirty Laundry) and “15,000 hospitalizations,” too! “Covid is still the respiratory virus that is putting the most number of folks in the hospital and taking their lives,” she says. 

She does not say how many of these “folks” (interesting etymological pandering to what people such as the Reichsspritzenmeister no doubt consider to be rubes) are elderly and in the hospital because they’re old. Or because they’re sick – with something else – and died with rather than of “COVID.” As an 87-year-old man who died of old age died with prostate cancer. The latter didn’t kill him.

Time did.

But the Reichsspritzenmeister won’t acknowledge such facts because they’d make her audience less afraid and so less likely to be wanting the drugs she’s being paid to push. Very much of a piece with the war that Nimarata Haley is being paid to push on behalf of Boeing, et al.

But her pushing isn’t working. The latest “vaccines” prescribed by the Reichsspritzenmeister are languishing in their vials. CNN says “only about 16 percent of adults and 6 percent of children have gotten the new COVID 9 vaccine, rates that the CDC has said are lower than it would like to see.” 

Most Americans aren’t taking the drugs being pushed on them this time.

But it’s not because (as one article asserts) they no longer fear “COVID,” although that is entirely rational since “COVID” was never more than a minor threat to something on the order of 99.8 percent of the otherwise healthy and not elderly population. Rather, they are rationally skeptical of the motives of people such as the Reichsspritzenmeister who have established that they are deliberately dishonest and thus malicious. People who continue to lie to people about something that they know isn’t safe or effective being just exactly that.

Even the Orange Man has (finally) walked back some of his prior enthusiasm for the drugs that didn’t “save millions of lives”  – but probably for political reasons as his base encompasses the Control Group that refused to take the drugs the first time around and for that reason remains healthy as well as even more skeptical of the drugs being pushed by the Reichsspritzenmeister.

But they’re not done yet.

Just in time for the election, a new Mystery Bug has appeared on the scene. They are calling it White Lung Syndrome and it’s beginning to feel a lot like late 2019 again. There’s a “wave” in China, they say. And a “spike” in Europe.

Already, there are cases here, too.

Interestingly, many of the latter appear to be kids this time – the ones who were least likely to experience anything more serious than the sniffles if they caught “COVID” but who were nevertheless the age group that was most “masked” because they had the least choice. Almost every school forced them to wear a “mask” and that may be precisely why they are now coming down with this new mystery bug, which may have been festering in their lungs on account of their not being able to exhale without a barrier that kept the bug in their lungs.

No one can say for sure about that, yet. But what’s absolutely for sure is that people such as the Reichsspritzenmeister haven’t given up pushing the drugs they’re paid to push and from that point-of-view, the more sickness, the merrier.

Especially when it’s a selection year.

. . .

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