Diaper Report: 12/11/2023

  • December 11, 2023

This report is about the dissonance of the diapered. The broadcaster Piers Morgan serving as a case in point.

Morgan – who stridently insisted during the event that was marketed as a “pandemic” that everyone wear a Holy Rag (any rag, so long as you showed you agreed a “pandemic” was afoot) and amen-chorused for the pushing of drugs on people who didn’t want to take them – has just announced he’s caught the sickness the drugs he pushed (and took!) were supposed to prevent him from getting.

He says he didn’t take enough drugs – i.e., failed to take the latest dose – and now he is sick (again).


“Because I believed all the anti-vaxx experts who told me it would melt my brain and turn me into an ostrich. Not making that mistake again!”

Note the usual symptoms. The condescension and contempt – for people who practiced due diligence; i.e., the people who wanted to know exactly what was in those drugs – and whether they were in fact “safe and effective” (as established by evidence rather than assertion) before they chose to take them. Who wanted to know why they ought to take then – when it was evident the sickness itself presented little, if any, serious threat to them.

Refusing to be pushed into taking drugs of questionable efficacy an necessity – by entities with an established track record of questionable activity (e.g, Pfizer’s record of criminal activities) constitutes being “anti-vaxx” in the minds of people such as Morgan.

The term is both derogatory and dishonest. Can anyone point to a single case of someone who did not like being pushed to take drugs themselves declaring that others ought not to be free to take them?  The only “anti” in the equation is as regards the pushing – which Morgan favored. Same as regards the “masks” – which no one who opposed people being forced to wear them ever said people ought to be debarred from wearing, if they wished to wear them.

The language of the Left is always the same in that it is always derogatory, dismissive and dishonest. When a Leftist such as Morgan is irritated by someone who raises questions about pushing drugs on people, he dismisses them as being “anti-vaxx.” Of a piece with the dismissal -with extreme unctuous contempt – of people who questioned “the science.” That is, who dared to question the authority figures such as Fauci and Walensky (and lately, Cohen) who equate whatever they say with “the science.” It is a secular mimic of the ore-Reformation insistence by the Catholic Church that the Bible says this – and not that – and you’d better not question it.

Even when what they say changes. Even when the evidence clearly establishes that what they said was wrong.

The drugs were never vaccines. This lie has yet to be acknowledged – let alone apologized for. Because, of course, it was a deliberate lie. The pushers knew the drugs were neither “safe” nor “effective” yet they pushed them anyhow, making use of Useful Idiots such as Morgan to spread their lies. This isn’t merely untruthfulness, which may arise from well-intendedness.

It is evil.

Pfizer, et al, weren’t desperately scrambling to come up with a new vaccine to stop the spread of a pandemic. They were using fear generated by a deliberately orchestrated mass panic event to wheedle people into taking drugs they stood to make billions wheedling people into taking. They hid the facts – which they had – that their drugs were not “safe” and weren’t “effective.” They knew – and yet they continued to lie. Even as it became more and more evident that previously healthy people were “dying suddenly.” Even when it became undeniable that these drugs did nothing to “stop the spread” of a generally mild sickness that for most people would have been written off (and recovered from, without drugs) as a seasonal flu.

If this is not evil, then the word has no substance.

Meanwhile, the Useful Idiot appears ready to take another dose of the drugs he continues to mock others for declining to take.

If that’s not sick, then the word has no substance.

. . .

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