Diaper Report: 12/18/2023

  • December 18, 2023

“Persons of size” are getting a free extra seat when they fly Southwest Airlines – to accommodate the rest of them that spills over into the adjacent seat. What has this to do with reporting about the strange and ongoing cult of Face Diaper-wearing?

See for yourself!

Note that every single one of the morbidly obese, morbidly entitled narcissists seen in the video above is a member of the Face Diaper Cult.

Now, the putative reason for wearing one of these things is for health reasons. Marvel at this. People who care so much about their health that they wear a “mask” over their faces wherever they go who cannot exert the willpower to stop stuffing their faces. You have to really work at it to get as fat as these “persons of size.” They are not just a little heavy. They are What’s Eating Gilbert Grape heavy.

For those who don’t remember, the reference is to a 1993 movie about a morbidly obese woman. Back then, things were accurately (and so honestly) described. The mom in the movie was not a “person of size.” Which could could be any size. Of course, the point of the exercise is to pretend we’re not talking about morbidly obese people, so they can pretend they’re not.

They are merely . . . “persons of size.”

Well, such persons are not healthy people. Being that fat is what’s called a co-morbidity. Meaning, it is a factor likely to result in more and worse sickness. People that fat often have heart disease and diabetes, among other serious/chronic sicknesses that render them far more vulnerable to dying if they catch what for healthy people would be a case of the sniffles.

As was the case during the event sold to the generally healthy population as a “pandemic,” by which the impression was created that healthy people were at risk of dying as a result of catching a cold.

They weren’t. But many thought they were – because they’d been gulled into using the word, “pandemic” – which in the minds of most people conjured up images (and fear) of mass death. By the standards used to define the recent “pandemic,” there is also a “pandemic” of “gun violence.”

And bet your bippie, they’re going to try that one, too.

Anyhow, you’d think that a person so concerned about health would have lost weight by now. Do they not know that being morbidly obese presents a much greater threat to their health than catching a cold? It was understandable – three or two or even a year ago – that morbidly obese people were more afraid of catching cold given how fat and so unhealthy they were.

Emphasis on was.

But if they were so very concerned, why are they still as fat as they were – and in some cases, even more so? Anyone who is morbidly obese can lose weight over the course of a year – and thereby become much less vulnerable to chronic illnesses that make the catching of a cold potentially something more serious than a case of the sniffles.

Instead, these fatties insist on being accommodated – and not just in terms of their size. They insist on not being called what they are. I am myself a “person of size.” And so are you. So is anyone who is any size at all.

But I am not  morbidly obese person – and that’s one reason why I never wore a “mask.” The other – far more important reason – being that I knew the wearing of these devices serves no health purpose.

I suspect these “persons of size” know it, too.

So why do they continue to wear these devices? I think it has to do with the same reason that explains the aggressive, narcissistic entitlement that they be given a free extra seat to accommodate their folds of flesh:

They are entitled narcissists. Unashamed to “be who they are” – and demand that you and I accommodate who they are. The Face Diaper is a visual signal to others that this person is going to be in your face with obnoxious demands. The Face Diaper is a badge of honor among these people, who regard themselves as special and entitled to deference. They implicitly regard us as not being members of their entitled cult and bet your bippie they are champing at their bits to bring back Face Diapering for all.

Though perhaps not – as if everyone were Diapered Up again, these fatties would lose their most distinctive attribute.

Well, other than being “persons of size.”

. . .

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