Diaper Report: 5/30/2023

  • May 30, 2023

There are people who still don’t get it.

Like this person, for instance:

“You have no evidence that mask mandates were the lynchpin of Covid scaremongering.” So says “Richard,” a regular heckler here.

It takes a certain kind of person to make such an assertion. Not necessarily a stupid person, in the low IQ sense. But a gullible person. A person who does not understand – among other things – that appearances matter. Especially when people are forced or under enormous pressure to appear a certain way.

Consider the hijab that women in strict Muslim countries are forced (or under great pressure) to wear. What is conveyed by the appearance of almost every woman in such countries wearing the hijab? It is obvious. You can literally see it.

And what is it, exactly?

The hold of belief – enforced even upon those who do not believe it.

“Masks” served the very same purpose. The wearer looked – to others – as if he believed. This reinforced the belief that a deadly “pandemic” was afoot. Because it looked as if almost everyone believed it was. And that, in turn, made it easier to justify the enforcement of belief, especially upon the unbelievers.

It would have been much harder to do so if it appeared half or more of the people did not believe, which would have been obvious if no one had been forced (or under great pressure) to wear the “mask.” There would have been what you might call a control group – of the sane – whose appearance of sanity would have made it much more difficult to enforce insanity.

Some would still have worn the “mask,” of course. But if lots of others had not – had been able to show their faces, freely – the people who “masked up” would have seen that not wearing a “mask” didn’t result in those people falling dead in the streets or even getting sick.

The “mask” would have been unmasked, much sooner.

The damage would not have been done – or at least, there would have been much less of it, in the manner of a powerful but short-lived thunderstorm as opposed to weeks (and months) of torrential rain.

Something else would have been undone, too.

It would have been very difficult – absent the forced, unrelenting pressure to “mask” – to pressure-relief people into agreeing to take the drugs that were hard-sold to them as vaccines, which of course all but the truest believers now understand to have been no such thing, since it has been established as fact that these drugs prevented no one from getting (or transmitting) the dread ‘Rona. That they were – that they are – at best palliatives that “reduce the severity of symptoms.” Like aspirin – which doesn’t prevent you from getting a headache.

If it had been plainly seen that “masking” was a silly ritual – like throwing salt over your shoulder to ward-off bad luck – not only would most sensible people have refrained from doing it, it would have been extremely difficult to coerce them into doing something to relieve them of the burden of doing it.

That something being the taking of those drugs that aren’t vaccines.

People who’d been forced or under enormous pressure to “mask” were offered a reprieve. Just take these drugs and you can take off the uggsome “mask,” said the pushers of the drugs. People such as the person who insisted “You have no evidence that mask mandates were the lynchpin of Covid scaremongering” do not see that without the “mask mandates,” there would have been far less pressure to take the drugs. Also, all the people who never wore a “mask” – or took theirs off because they saw others not wearing them and not dying – would have felt less need to take drugs to ward-off an illness so mild that it was unnecessary to “mask” to ward off.

The forced ubiquity of “masking” made it appear very necessary.

And that is why “masking” was so very evil – and why people such the person who believes my assessment of the evil of “masking” aren’t seeing things clearly. They are the same people who do not see that A leads to B, which is to say if a principle is accepted, a precedent has been established. If you can be forced to wear a “mask” then you can be forced to take a drug. And if you can be forced to take a drug then it logically follows you can be forced to take other drugs.

Those who do not see – and understand – this are the ones who will be forced to take them and whose insouciance may well result in others being forced to take them, too. And that is why it is so important to see – and understand – it.

Even if some among us still don’t.

. . .

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