Digital Lexington?

In history, there are events that are better described as turning points. Examples include the Tsar’s Imperial Guard firing on ordinary (and unarmed) Russians assembling to petition him about their grievances outside the winter palace in St. Petersburg in 1905. The revolution that deposed the Tsar and installed Lenin and his communists did not occur for another 12 years but it arguably began for real on that cold day in 1905. The Tsar was seen from that day on as someone with malicious intentions who could not be bargained with but only submitted to.

Americans are more familiar with a similar event that occurred in 1775 at a place called Lexington, in what was then still the colony – or province – of Massachusetts. The British authorities sent troops to disarm the militias that had formed in response to Massachusetts having been declared to be in a state of rebellion against the British authorities. The colonial militia resisted with force and so began what became the war.

Lexington was more like the Rubicon in that once the British crossed it – so to speak – there was no turning back.

As in Russia in 1905, it was either submit – or fight.

A similar even may be developing that will present the same awful choice, which we will have to make, for one or the other. It is the push to convert physical and so “free range” cash into digital currency and thus us into feed lot cattle.

The Biden Thing proposes to have the “Federal” Reserve (i.e., the private banking cartel that has controlled the nation’s money since 1913 and has been charging the government – that is, us – interest on money it creates out of thin air since that time, creating what people style “inflation,” as if it were a a natural and uncontrollable phenomenon) “explore” the possibility of introducing digital currency in the U.S.

When the government says “explore” it always means intends.

The “explore” part is only intended to give the cattle the impression that a kind of benevolent discussion is to be had, with no decisions yet made. Just a friendly bantering about. It is of a piece with being “asked” to pay what is often called your “fair share.”

Make no mistake about their intentions.

This is our latter-day Lexington (and Concord). Our being fired upon by the Tsar’s troops. The Fed – which has controlled the government via controlling the money since at least 1913 – intends to control us utterly.

It is not enough that we are obliged to pay taxes to pay the Fed interest on the debt it has  draped around our necks for “loans” we never took out – on money that was literally created out of thin air. Not enough that whatever we have left is continually devalued by the Fed, which (along with those lamprey-insiders who swim alongside) cashes in on its ability to print money and use it first, before it devalues, so as to buy things for less so that we pay more for everything.

Everything we do is to be controlled to the nth degree by establishing absolute control over our ability to buy and sell. It is a power the Fed has lacked up to now, even though it utterly controls the supply of money. But once you have money, you have been free to use it as you like.

Including – critically – anonymously.

We still have the freedom to pay cash for things, which means the government – which serves as the Fed’s rabid German shepherd – cannot easily be sicced on us because it has no way of knowing we have the cash or have used the cash. It is possible to buy a gun with cash, for instance – and no one knows about it except you and the person you bought it from. It is possible to financially support a cause you believe important without worrying about the government knowing about it.

It is possible, in brief, to live without submitting to the government – and those who control it.

To understand what digitized money would mean, imagine the past three years, especially the first two of them, had there been digital money and the absolute power to not only know what you were buying and selling as you bought and sold – down to the tip you just left in the jar at the coffee shop (scratch that, because there would be no tip jar; instead you’d debit a tip and the government would know exactly how much and exactly when and where) but also to control all of your buying and selling.

Your ability to buy tied to an app on your phone – this is how digitized money would work – that would only work if the government allowed it, which it would only allow if you obeyed.

You would be obliged to carry that phone, so that the government would know where you are and when – including when it says you’re not allowed to be there.

Defy the next “lockdown”? Walk out of your house without a “mask”? Refuse to click your heels and immediately line up to be “vaccinated”? No more cash for you.

Because no more cash for you.

Your digital money is only good when the government says it is – and only for what the government says, when it says. You may already have read about the “exploration” of not allowing people to “exceed their carbon allotment” by purchasing things the government says contribute to “climate change.” Like gasoline, for instance. Or a vehicle that uses gas.

Or meat, for that matter.

There is no understating the nature of this looming crisis. As bad as things are, they could become infinitely worse. So long as our ability to buy and sell is not under their control, they cannot control us utterly. Once we lose that ability, we will have lost everything. Including our ability to resist without actually fighting. Our choice when ordered to obey will be to submit – to everything, to the nth degree – or be starved and worse.

It means a fight, then.

One few of us want but which all of us who will not live as feed lot cattle have no choice but to fight, if this fight is forced upon us.

. . .

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