“Disruptive” Cars?

  • June 17, 2024

A “study” produced by a Canadian college professor – Julie Aitken-Schermer – claims that “Those higher in sadism and psychopathy may be more drawn to disruptive cars.” And what is a “disruptive” car? Apparently, it is one equipped with a “modified muffler” – whatever that is.

Apparently, the hyphenated “doctor” (such “doctors” tend for some reason to be hyphenated ones) does not know the difference between a “modified muffler” and a modified exhaust system. This causes one to wonder what else the “doctor” does not know.

People don’t modify mufflers – excepting the teenage boy/redneck “modification” of punching holes in one. They do replace the ones the car came with – with aftermarket mufflers. The purpose of this being to free up some horsepower by reducing exhaust backpressure.

The factory-installed muffler/exhaust has to comply with various government requirements as well as manufacturing exigencies and necessities, including cost-cutting. Factory exhaust systems thus often leave something to be desired – and something to be gained. More horsepower and better performance, for instance.

My 1976 Pontiac Trans-Am, for instance, originally came with a hugely restrictive exhaust system that forced the big V8 to try to exhale through what amounted to four or five Face Diapers. By replacing the factory exhaust system with the kind of system that Pontiac used to be able to install at the factory – i.e., a dual exhaust with two low-restriction mufflers rather than a single exhaust with a single highly restrictive muffler – the Trans-Am became faster and sounded better. It was slower – and sounded terrible – with the factory installed (government mandated) system.

And that is why the factory installed mufflers (plural, in the case of vehicles that have dual exhaust like my TA) are commonly replaced.

The hyphenated “doctor” frames this as pathological. Of course she does. It is a framing of a piece with “oppositional defiance disorder,” i.e., the pathologizing of skepticism of authority. It isn’t that you question.

It is that you are sick.

This is a trick the Left likes to use to deal with opponents of the Left. Why debate when you can diagnose? Another example of this being the way anyone who asks questions about the “climate crisis” is framed as a “denier” by the Left. Not only is the “denier” wrong, he is maliciously wrong. Like someone who denies that the national socialist government of Germany that existed from 1933-1945 persecuted Jews. The language is not coincidental. It is deliberate and very well-thought-out.

The object of “doctor” Aitken-Schermer’s “study” is exactly similar. She does not suggest – she asserts – that anyone who has modified their vehicle’s “muffler” (sic) is doing so in order to be “disruptive.” That is, to be deliberately obnoxious – if not deliberately sadistic.

Such people enjoy annoying others – for the sport of it.

A desire for a loud car with a modified muffler is predicted by being a man and higher scores on psychopathy and sadism.” No mention that the loudness is incidental rather than primary. According to the “doctor’s” logic, then, people who attend NASCAR/F1 races must therefore be a gaggle of sadists and psychopaths also. Why else would a normal person want to hear all that noise

And here we get to the part – another one – the hyphenated one apparently does not understand. Car enthusiasts enjoy that sound. It is an essential element of what makes cars appealing to people who like cars. Just as people who like thunderstorms enjoy the boom of thunder and the crack of lightning. Or the magnificent crescendos of Beethoven or Wagner. These are all different kinds of sounds, of course. But the point is that sounds are a big part of life; a way to know you are in fact alive.

Aitken-Schermer seems to have no idea that – for many people – a car engine’s sounds are beautiful sounds. No different, fundamentally, than the sounds enjoyed by other people. Aitken-Schermer takes no account of this. Rather, she frames what she does not like as morally repellent. Perhaps the same ought to be turned around and directed at people such as Aitken-Schermer, who is not very likable and (more to the point) ignorant.

It is stupendous that a “doctor” would affix her names to a “study” that makes it very clear – in the first paragraph – that the “doctor” didn’t even take the time to acquire a basic understanding of the subject at hand. Reading about “modified mufflers” is not unlike reading about “vaccines” that do nothing to prevent infection or transmission.

Of course – in both cases – we are not dealing with mere ignorance. The mRNA drugs that were pushed on people were known by those pushing them to be something very different than vaccines – but were marketed to people as “vaccines.” This tells you all you need to know about the people who marketed (and pushed) them.

Similarly, it’s a safe bet that people such as Aitken-Schermer loathe cars – at least those with engines – and use the noise they make to pathologize those who like them because they like cars. See that? This shaming of people who like cars being a necessary groundwork-laying for the effort to ban cars that make noise from public spaces.

The noise – the very sight! – triggers Leftists, who hate the personally owned car (or motorcycle) because it is contra everything the Left seeks to impose.

And it doesn’t take a PhD to understand that.

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