DOJ: Combating Domestic
DOJ has created a new division to combat domestic terrorism. What will be the real battle once we find out WHO the DOJ fits that label?

Full Analysis of DOJ Authority to Assassinate US Citizens
Analysis of the DOJ’s White Paper as released February 5, 2013

#libertymatters – DOJ: Combating Domestic
February 22, 2016 By KrisAnne Hall

— KrisAnne Hall (@KrisAnneHall) February 22, 2016

UN and Obama Launch Global War on “Ideologies”
Under the guise of battling “violent extremists” generally and the Islamic State in particular — a terror group that top U.S. officials said was largely armed, trained, and funded by Obama’s “anti-ISIS” coalition — the United Nations and the Obama administration unveiled a plan this week to wage a global war on “ideologies.”

Justice Department Trained Police to Link Political Activism With Terror
The Department of Justice is under fire after a leaked terror training presentation aimed at state and local law enforcement revealed that police were being trained to be suspicious of popular bumper stickers including some opposing U.S. government participation in the scandal-plagued United Nations and one urging people to know their rights.

Justice Department Trained Police to Link Political Activism With Terror:

— TheNewAmerican (@NewAmericanMag) September 28, 2012

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