Don’t Drill NC – Not The Answer

“This is one of the biggest stories in America and no one is telling it.” -Shane Smith

Shane Smith visits the Gulf Coast of Louisiana where residents report that they’re still suffering from the effects of oil and dispersants four years after the Deepwater Horizon spill. This is his debrief from Season 2 Episode 9 of VICE on HBO. Find VICE on HBO on Facebook:

Call Governor McCrory’s office at 919-814-2000 and tell him not to risk our proven, more profitable coastal tourism industry in a risky chase for offshore petroleum.Then call your state senator & representative (who represents me?) – and do the same. Then call the White House at 202-456-1111 and ask President Obama to rescind all lease sales for Offshore Drilling off the East Coast.

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Post by NO to Off Shore Oil Drilling in North Carolina's waters!

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