Driving Us Out of Cars – Again

  • September 22, 2023

My recent column about the service so good you can’t refuse it – car insurance – summoned many emails from people affirming they’re being driven out of their cars by the cost of paying to “cover” it. One reader sent in some specifics that show how it’s being done:

“My insurance is with AARP/The Hartford and I drive about 2,500-3,000 miles a year. My 2017 Chevy Sonic has 18,200 miles on the clock. Last year, I paid $1,569 (to insure this car). This year, $2,179.”

The difference between the two figures is $610 – for the same thing, over the course of one year. About a 30 percent uptick, which amounts to several times the worst estimate of how much buying power a dollar has lost over the past year as a result of giving so many tens of billions of them away to Keeeeeeeeeeeeeev and of flooding the economy with so many trillions of them, digitized and otherwise.

So it’s not all the fault of the walking dead that is presented as the “the president.” (Of what? is the appropriate response – as per Snake Plisskin in Escape From New York.)

Actually, it is.

The thing styled “the president” has been the front-man for this business of pushing every automaker to make EVs – and led the effort to reboot the subsidization of them. He also slyly used regulations as much as subsidies to push more EVs into circulation. Automakers don’t have to make EVs; they just have to make vehicles that average nearly 60 miles-per-gallon. The reference is to the recent near-doubling of the current federally mandated MPG minimum that automakers must comply with – else be punished via fines transferred to their customers, in the form of higher sticker prices for the cars people want to buy.

It is easier to make the electric vehicles the government wants them to buy (or so it says). These also use no gas at all (though the generate plenty of gaseous emissions) and that helps the automakers meet the almost-60-MPG requirement.

So as long as the manufacturers manufacture vehicles that average nearly 60 miles-per-gallon, they can manufacture whatever vehicles they like . . . And if that doesn’t work, count on regulations that will require all vehicles be zero emissions vehicles – which is to say, all electric vehicles (even though, as already mentioned) they generate plenty of emissions.

These are the subtle processes by which the Thing styled “the president” has caused the average new car’s selling price to reach nearly $50,000. This amounts to a roughly $15,000 (or roughly 30 percent) increase in the average price paid for a new vehicle. So maybe the 30 percent uptick in the cost of insuring the reader’s car isn’t all the fault of the Thing styled “the president.”

And yet, of course, it is – synergistically.

Several seemingly disparate things, each aiming toward the same end. From the weaponization of hypochondria, to Idiot Rags – to drugs that aren’t vaccines. From general agreement regarding the need to reduce harmful emissions to pretending gasses that don’t foul the air are “pollutants” to vehicles that may not emit them but sure do generate them.

Voila! The $50,000 Average New Car you won’t be able to afford to insure  . . . assuming you were able to afford the car.

My reader is paying (is being forced to pay; never forget the fact that insurance can and will be used against you because the insurance mafia has the government as its enforcer) nearly $2,200 annually to cover a car that, when it was new, listed for just over $17,000. A car that is driven not much by a retired guy who doesn’t “speed” (or at least, doesn’t get “tickets” for “speeding”) and has not filed a claim or had one filed against him.

If what he is being forced to pay this year remains the same next year – and the year after that – he will have been made to pay in three years a sum ($6,600) that is probably equivalent to about 50 percent of the current market value of his six going on seven-year-old economy subcompact.

If it upticks similarly next year – another 30 percent – my reader will be looking at an annual cost-to-insure approaching $3k and another, similar uptick the following year would put his costs to “cover” his subcompact economy car at 50 percent of its market value by that time. If he’d just put his money into a cookie jar, he’d have been able to buy another Sonic by 2026. Of course, that’s not allowed – for the same reason that drivers who’ve given no cause to suspect they might be “drunk” are not allowed to drive past a “checkpoint” where they are required to prove they aren’t “drunk”:

They might cause harm.

Therefore, they must be harmed – by forcing them to buy a service they might prefer not to buy, if they could refuse. And because they can be forced to buy it, there is no natural restraint on the cupidity (and worse) of those have the power to make people pay, even when they haven’t cost.

Imagine what it costs to “cover” a $50,0000 car (as opposed to the reader’s $17,000 car). It is probably at least another 30 percent more – and that’s just for now.

Unaffordable insurance made owning a muscle cars untenable, by the early ’70s. Unavoidable insurance (mandatory and verifiable) has made owning a car (nothing special, just a car) financially untenable for teenagers and people in their early-20s. They can’t afford the coverage they can’t avoid –  because the DMV will know – even if they could afford to buy a used economy car such as the reader’s Sonic.

How many teenagers can afford to pay $2,200 per year in insurance? And that’s not what they’d be paying – because they’re teenagers and young people, not retired older guys who don’t drive much and are unlikely to be the cause of an “accident.” How many of the rest us will be able to afford as “little” as my reader is being forced to pay?

If it continues, the tag-team of devalued currency and rising costs will drive most people out of the market for vehicles – and those who have vehicles out of them, by making it as unaffordable to “cover” them as it is becoming to buy them.

We’re already almost there.

It will be (as the Chinese say) interesting to see what happens when we get there.

. . .

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