Elon’s “Dirty” Secret

  • September 8, 2023

The EV con rests on multiple cons, including the assertion that EVs are “zero emissions” – which is a con because they aren’t.

And because the “emissions” at issue aren’t, either.

Unless you think a gas that does not cause pollution – carbon dioxide – is an “emission.” The federal government didn’t used to think so. Until the Obama era, an emission was defined as a combustion byproduct that caused or worsened air pollution. This was the basis for regulating emissions. It is why cars have emissions controls, such as catalytic converters. Whatever you may think about carbon dioxide, it does not cause or contribute to air pollution, even a little bit.

It makes you wonder – if you are a thinking person – why the sly conflation of gasses that do not cause pollution with those that do. Kind of like the way drugs that don’t keep you from catching a cold and transmitting it to others are conflated with vaccines.

At any rate, EVs also generate the same “emissions.” The word is italicized to emphasize the fact that whether they are emitted at the tailpipe or generated somewhere else is irrelevant, insofar as the deleterious “impact” these “emissions” supposedly have upon the “climate,” the latter being the thing that the carbon dioxide “emitted” – and generated – is claimed to  be having.

EV “emissions” of carbon dioxide are generated at power stations, the great majority of which generate electricity by burning hydrocarbon fuels. They are also generated in the course of manufacturing the solar panels and wind farm turbines that are said to produce “green” electricity.

And then there are the actual emissions emitted in the course of charging up the EV – if you are charging one of them up at Tesla’s Harris Ranch Supercharger station. This place – located roughly midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco in Coalinga, CA – is kind of like one of those fueling depots alongside many Interstates, that have gas pumps enough to handle dozens of cars at once. There are 98 “pumps” for EVs at the Harris Ranch station.

And – as it turns out – there’s also a diesel generator there to power them.

The reason why is central to understanding the Recharge Con. It takes a lot of power to power up an EV’s battery. As in one of them. It takes more power than is available (absent your own power station) to power up almost 100 of them at once. The power suck could result in a brownout.

Hence the diesel engines to keep those motors running.

And to keep the bullshit flowing.

Tesla promised that all of its superchargers would be “100 percent” powered by renewable energy – i.e., solar or wind farms or hydroelectric – by the end of 2021. And here we are just three months from 2024 and Tesla’s most celebrated collection of superchargers relies on diesel generators to keep the power flowing.

And the emissions billowing.

Diesel generators aren’t required to abide by the same ultra-strict emissions standards that apply to cars, so they are allowed to emit what diesel-powered new cars may not (which is why there are no diesel-powered new cars available as it is essentially impossible – or at least, economically untenable – to meet the current emissions standards that apply to cars).

But how is it “green” to use diesel-powered generators to power up EVs?

More to the point, how is that Tesla gets away with not being “green”? Keep in mind that Tesla built its business by extorting other businesses that weren’t (supposedly) “green” enough. It used the leverage of the regulatory apparat to all-but-force these other businesses – most of them in the business of building cars rather than battery powered devices – to pay Tesla for “carbon credits,” to offset their own carbon dioxide “emissions.”

Elon Musk obtained a lot of green this way.

The investigative journalist who broke the story about Elon’s engines had this to say:

One of the real tragedies of Tesla, in my personal opinion, is the extent to which well-meaning people were convinced that this company whose mission is in fact extreme wealth generation by any means necessary is somehow a force for good, to be supported like one would a real mission-driven nonprofit.”

Italics added.

But it’s not just about “extreme wealth generation by any means necessary.” It is also about extreme wealth redistribution by any means necessary.

Electric vehicles are elitist vehicles (in the class-stratified Soviet sense) because they are expensive vehicles; the average transaction price for one is $50,000 or about $15,000 more than the average price paid for a non-electric vehicle – and we’re all paying for that. Insurance costs are increasing across the board, even for people who do not own an EV – because of the cost of repairing and replacing damaged EVs owned by other people. And for the damages caused by EVs, such as the fires that spontaneously erupt and burn down not just the car but also the house – and also, sometimes, a ship.

Electricity costs are increasing, too – as demand for it increases, because of power-hungry EVs such  as those made by Tesla that are designed to use a lot of it and priced to appeal specifically to wealthy people. The kind of people who often have access to an unlimited supply of other people’s money, such as the people who work for the government or get rich via the government.

Other people cannot afford a Tesla.

And – thanks to Tesla and the EV push – fewer and fewer of them will be able to afford a car, period. Once expensive EVs for the elite are the only vehicles available.

Then we won’t have to worry about being hectored about our “emissions” anymore. Because most of us won’t be driving – or charging.

. . .

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