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  • July 2, 2023

If you’re interested in what electrification is driving at, you might be interested to know that in Britain (and the rest of Western Europe) “sharply rising electricity prices have reduced the per-mile cost savings offered by EVs compared to fossil fueled (sic) vehicles.”

This from the British Climate Change Committee – acronymically as well as politically very close to the CCCP, which those who remember the Soviet Union will remember. Both want the same thing – and it begins with a “c.” The CCCP said it wanted it in the name of the “workers.” The CCC says it wants it in the name of the “environment.” Both want it for the sake of the politburo – the handful of connected politicos who control things in countries where “c” is well on the way to becoming the governing philosophy. It is always thus in “c” countries. Someone – or a few someones – must “speak” for the Great Collective, eh?

It is not a coincidence that the last leader of the old Soviet Union – Mikhail Gorbachev – shifted from red to green after the Soviet Union came undone. He understood that a time comes when a failing product has to be rebranded.

Anyhow, we see where things are headed now.

EVs have become “almost unaffordable for many, the CCC admits. And soon, for almost everyone. It is the point of the thing, you see.

They have been saying so for decades.

They hate cars. Or rather, they hate that almost anyone has been able to afford one. The ability to drive – as opposed to being taken for a ride – is something largely out of their control. It is also something that equalizes things. A person who has the means can own and drive a six figure luxury car. But a person without much means can also drive a car. Just as the average person can also take a hot bath in his air conditioned home. It may not be a 10,000 square foot home with a wrought iron gate and liveried footmen standing by the front door.

But it is not a hovel, either.

This is what electrification is meant to end. Put another way, it means to restore the distinctions that wealth and privilege once conferred.

Private car ownership was once something not for everyone because almost no one could afford to own a car. They were largely hand-built and to order. To get a glimpse into what it it was like, watch the first season of the British docudrama, Downton Abbey. The Earl of Grantham owned several cars – and had servants to drive him around in them. The servants had bicycles. Or they walked. And they lived their lives within the orbit of where a bicycle or their feet could take them.

EVs are the vehicles being used to restore that era. Most people cannot afford to buy them. Most people won’t be able to afford to charge them. That will leave a fewer and fewer people who still can.

They are precisely the ones pushing EVs. People like Pete Buttigieg, the Biden Thing’s Secretary (similar to general secretary) of Transportation. And those higher-up in the Party apparat. Biden being essentially the reincarnation of Brezhnev doddering on top of Lenin’s Mausoleum.

And, at last – cuing the voice of Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars – you understand why.

They admit the object is not to swap out existing cars for electric cars. It is to dramatically reduce the number of cars in private hands. They used to pine for this future privately, behind closed doors. They had to be quiet about it because the time was not right for it. The masses had not yet been sufficiently propagandized. People loved their cars and the freedom cars gave them. And there were still too many freedom-minded people about, having been reared in a country where that idea was once the dominant ideal.

It took time to change all of that. The time it takes to rear a new generation, one that takes its freedom for granted and does not understand what it will mean when it is gone – until it is gone. It has been a long march through the institutions, but – at last – the time is near at hand.

They talk openly now – believing the deal is almost sealed, having succeeded remarkably in getting a sufficiency of the people, the bulk of them under 30, to agree to their own enserfment – and even to demand it – for the sake of the “environment.”

Just as Gorbachev knew they would, given enough time.

Just as people like Gorbachev succeeded in weaponizing hypochondria, which succeeded in getting most of the masses to voluntarily wear a Diaper over their faces and line up for an injection they were assured was “safe and effective” – to protect them from a sickness they weren’t threatened by.

Just as people now feel threatened by a “climate crisis” equally exaggerated and hystericized, for the same end-purpose.

But – just maybe – a sufficiency of people will come to understand what these things all have in common, before it is too late and understanding it no longer matters. Hope that such understanding is spreading might can be found in the fact that a sufficiency of people appear to finally understand what the “vaccines” – and the “masks” – were all about.

Maybe enough will see the bigger picture. And see that it’s all the same damned thing.

We are walking on the razor’s edge. It could go either way.

We will soon know which way.

. . .

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