Every Car a Prius – or a Device

  • June 9, 2024

The federal apparat no one elected just decreed that all new vehicles must average 50.4 miles-per-gallon by 2031 – which is the apparat’s method of effectively outlawing the manufacture of every vehicle that isn’t a small hybrid such as a Prius or a battery powered device by 2031.

It’s as clever as it is vicious. The apparat – the arrogant minions who are the apparat – can wash their hands like Pilate and say: We aren’t outlawing anything. People are free to buy whatever they like. And this is true, in a pedantic/legalistic sense. Just as it is true that in most states it isn’t illegal to own a rifle capable of selective fire. It’s just so expensive – due to the enormous fees involved that one must pay to be legally allowed to possess such a rifle – that most people cannot afford to own a selective-fire rifle.

But no “ban” has been imposed, you see.

Similarly, in order to be legally allowed to manufacture vehicles, the car companies must comply with the apparat’s decrees, such as the one just decreed requiring cars to average 50.4 MPG. Any car that averages less becomes a drag on the car manufacturer’s fleet average – and if that average works out to less than 50.4 MPG, the car manufacturer is fined, in order to “discourage” – that is, to punish – the manufacture of any vehicle that does not average 50.4 MPG.

The actual “discouragement” is applied to the would-be purchaser of the vehicle that does not average 50.4 MPG – by making that vehicle more expensive. Via the passing-on of the costs of “noncompliance” – i.e., the fines, which are folded into the price of the vehicle, making the “noncompliant” vehicle more and more expensive, for which the vehicle’s manufacturer is blamed. See that part about vicious and clever.

This gradually winnows-down the sales of such vehicles to the point that only a few such are available – to the few such who can afford them.

This is why anything equipped with a V6 engine is already almost unaffordable – and anything with a V8 is exotic (and exotically priced). Ten years ago, V6 engines were commonyl available in modestly priced vehicles and V8s, though more pricey, weren’t out of the financial reach pf middle and even working class people. Now they are – and now you know why.

Soon – sooner than 2031 – everything else will become unaffordable.

Including heavy-duty trucks (i.e., 2500 and 3500 series trucks) used by contractors, tradesmen and other people who work for a living. They won’t be required to average 50.4 MPG – yet. They’ll only be required to average 35 miles-per-gallon – or about the same as a current year gas-engined, compact-sized economy car.

In order to average 35 MPG, these trucks will have to be partially or entirely “electrified” – and that is going to cost buyers a great deal more than the “$700 lifetime savings” in fuel the apparat tosses them as a booby prize. Take a look at what a current half-ton (i.e., 1500 series) electric pick-up costs. Now imagine what it’ll cost to buy a 2500 or 3500 series electric truck – and what that’s going to cost people who pay the contractors, tradesmen and so on – who will pass on the costs of these “efficient” devices to customers.

As far as passenger vehicles (cars and light trucks):

The 50.4 MPG decree will mean the only vehicles available by 2031 will be small hybrid cars such as the Prius – which are the only kinds of vehicles that can average 50.4 MPG – and battery powered devices (i.e., electric vehicles) because devices are given credit for averaging 70, 80, 100 (or higher) “MPGe,” a greasy gas-mileage “equivalent” that was created to encourage the manufacture of more devices, because they improve the fleet average math.

And since cars like the Prius are too small to be practical for most people who need something larger, the effect will be to force most people into a device that is going to cost them a great deal more than the putative “$600 in lifetime savings” on gas the minions of the apparat tout as their gift to the people they’re pushing out of vehicles and into devices.

This is all going to happen a lot sooner than 2031, by the way.

It is already 2025 – in terms of the model year. The 2024s are already last-year’s vehicles. And the vehicle manufacturers are planning the 2031 models – which will be available in 20230 – right now. They are also not going to put a lot of R&D money into designing cars for the in-between years because they know they won’t be able to recover their R&D costs, because by 2031, any vehicles they design for 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029 and 2030 will only by sales-viable for a very short time.

As an example: Dodge had to stop selling the V8 Charger (and Challenger) last year because Dodge knew that it could no longer sell such cars – and offer such engines – except at prices that most people could not afford (due to the costs of the fines Dodge would have to pass on in the prices of these cars) which would mean not enough sales to justify making them anymore.

But at least Dodge had time to recover the R&D costs that went into the Charger, Challenger and other such models – as well as the Hemi V8, which is now off the market. The time is much shorter now.

2031 is less than six calendar years away – or less than one model cycle away from today. What that means is a car designed for 2026-2030 will only be sales viable for about five years and that’s not enough time to make-back the R&D investment. Unless the car is a device. Unless it is either partially or entirely “electrified.”

And that’s how it’s being done. One decree at a time – and no need to pass any laws that might be repealed.

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