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First in Line First in Time

Banks regularly file notices of liens with the Department of Commerce to prove and establish their interest in all kinds of property… homes, cars, tools, equipment. This is done very simply by contacting the Secretary of State or Department of Commerce and filing a UCC-1 financing statement and listing the property as collateral on the statement. The same can be done with your birth certificate, which is your property. You and only you can file this notice of lien… You and only you can determine the value of the property. StopThePirates: Our Debt is Pre-Paid


Use a BID BOND to pay your charges and stay out of jail..

Please, lets fight the dirty court systems that are fraudulently, taking families and ripping them apart, for the sake of Billionaires NO thanks to us for supporting them. STOP SUPPORTING THE RICH!!! SUPPORT HOME GROWN BUSINESS..don’t let this government get in on our life style of freedom…the founding fathers put upon us as HUMAN BEINGS!!! LIVE FREE..SOVERIGN!!

You can access your account at the U.S. Treasury to eliminate debts

In commerce, though, whoever creates the liability MUST bring the remedy as well. If the sender doesn’t send the funds to “pay” the bill you must accept the bill for the value you gave it when you were born and use your prepaid account to offset the debt the presenter is creating. So it is your choice whether to “offset” the debt with your pre-paid account by accepting the bill for value and sending the bill to the “Paymaster”, the Secretary of the US Treasury, or to the IRS, for adjustment… OR give them the equity from your labor, which is in the form of Federal Reserve Notes, checkbook money or credit card money. Eliminate debt with your prepaid account, of course! Why eliminate debt with your own hard-earned money in “your” bank account when you have money of account waiting for you to access at the US Treasury? Your other account can be tapped through the collection agency called “the IRS”.