Florida Has Not Banned “Trans” Drivers

  • February 3, 2024

Leftists are sounding the alarm (they are always sounding the alarm, it seems) over what they style the state of Florida “banning” what they style “trans” drivers from holding a driver’s license.

Florida has done nothing of the kind. Because there is no such thing as a “trans” driver.

A man who wishes to wear a dress and lipstick is just as eligible to qualify for a driver’s license as a man who doesn’t dress up like and pretend he’s a woman. That is to say, a transvestite – the etymologically correct term for me who dress and act like women and vice versa – is in no way debarred from obtaining a driver’s license. People in Florida and everywhere else are free to dress and look however they wish to dress and look.

What Florida did do was set forth a statement that facts – as they appear on a driver’s license – are not a matter of opinion. If you are a man you cannot put woman on your driver’s license, irrespective of how you feel about it. Because how you feel does not change the fact. Because facts are not the same as feelings about them. A transvestite feels more comfortable dressing and acting like a woman.

But he is not a she by dint of feeling he is or pretending to be a woman.

Just the same as fifteen-year-old isn’t a 25-year-old, irrespective of how the fifteen-year-old feels about it. Just the same as your name is your name and where you live is where you live and your height and weight and eye color are what they are, irrespective of how you feel about it.

Which gets at the point Florida is trying to make. Driver’s licenses are de facto ID cards. Leaving aside the question about this business of having to possess a government-issued ID to be able to legally do many things that have nothing whatever to do with driving – examples include being able to buy liquor or even cough syrup – if the details on the ID are open to debate then it’s not an ID but rather a farce. And while that may be a good thing – insofar as challenging this business of needing to obtain an ID to be able to do things such as buy liquor or cough syrup – an ID that isn’t objective is a farce.

It’s also arbitrarily farcical.

If a man who isn’t a woman can choose his “identity” on a state-issued ID then why can’t someone else also choose from various other “identities” as well? How about the man who “identifies” as someone who knows how to drive a big rig or a motorcycle, contrary facts notwithstanding? If a transvestite isn’t bound by facts about his (or her) sex then why should a man who feels he can competently operate a Peterbuilt or a Harley Davidson be obliged to substantiate his feelings with facts?

And if one is obliged to accept that someone literally is whatever one insists they are at the moment, one has already accepted that they might be something else whenever they feel differently about it. Man to woman. Woman to man. Whatever you like is whatever it is, man.

Not even Dr. Frank N Furter was under such a delusion. He knew he wasn’t a she. Just a guy who liked to dress like one. You see the difference?

Naturally, such logic is “hateful” to the Left, which thinks it is an affront to “trans” people to expect them to identify as who they are on a state-issued ID.  As opposed to what they are pretending to be. More to the point, what they are insisting everyone else affirm that what they’re pretending to be is what they actually are.

The state has been pushing for this change for some time, with bills in the state house and senate that tie gender to ‘biological sex’ — a concept that, no matter how you define it, doesn’t split humanity into two unimpeachable boxes (the folks that cry “It’s basic biology” clearly never took advanced biology.) But, since the legislative process is just so slow and inconvenient, Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles decided to simply bypass it — issuing an edict that immediately halts all opportunities to change a gender marker on a Florida license, treating licenses that don’t use ‘biological sex’ as fraud.”

Because they are. Is the very definition of fraud to mislead about the truth. Biology does in fact “split humanity into two unimpeachable boxes” – male and female – with the exception of hermaphroditism, which is an abnormality. 

And that latter gets at the meat of the matter. The determination of the Left that feelings shall supplant facts. Because when that is allowed to stand, facts no longer matter. And that matters a great deal to the Left, because facts – especially contrary facts – stand athwart the falsehoods the Left demands be accepted as “facts.” As for example about Face Diapers “working” to “stop the spread.”

Florida put a stop to that, too.

It helped stop the spread of Diapering elsewhere – for which we don’t live in Florida ought to be eternally grateful.

Maybe Florida can stop the spread of this “trans” nonsense, too. Anyone who wants to pretend they aren’t the sex they were born has every right to pretend they are the sex they’d prefer to be. But no one else ought to be under any obligation to believe it. And when people lie about who they are, they commit a fraud against those they intend to deceive.

(5)(a)It is unlawful for any person to use a false or fictitious name in any application for a driver license or identification card or knowingly to make a false statement, knowingly conceal a material fact, or otherwise commit a fraud in any such application.”

Irrespective of their feelings about it.

. . .

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