Former European Politician And Diplomat Blasts Technocracy And Transhumanism

  • July 31, 2023
An enclave of resistance in eastern Europe is gaining traction with a major conference in September. My three books on Technocracy and Transhumanism have emerged at the center of the resistance, and I have been invited to make a presentation. Technocracy and Transhumanism are anti-human and anti-civilizational and are waging a winner-takes-all battle against the entire planet. This is the clear and present danger we face.⁃ TN Editor

Former Moldovan politician Iurie Roşca discusses how he was forced to make a paradigm shift several times throughout his life to come to his current state of mind (e.g. anti-communist, anti-imperialist, anti-globalist). He discovered how the Collective West was attempting to change family values and even the national constitution in Moldova through economic imperialism. He’s been politically assassinated, is persona non grata in Romania, and had his website taken down by Moldovan state security. Initially, he supported the Collective Kremlin, but many doubts began to emerge. The greatest shock came in 2020 with the Covid operation when we were able to see that we have only one global center of real power.

*Iurie will be organizing an international conference in September 2023 and is looking for like-minded speakers to present. If interested in participating contact: roscaiurieppcd [at] gmail [dot] com

In 1989, Iurie Roşca became one of the founders of the Popular Front of Moldova. He was executive president of the organization from 1989 to 1994. Between 1990 and 2009, he was a deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. He is a journalist and author and “has been at the epicenter of the most important events since 1988 until now”.

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