Foxwell NT809TS Supports Advanced TPMS Functions

  • May 21, 2024

In the world of automotive diagnostics, efficiency and comprehensiveness are key. That’s where the Foxwell NT809TS stands out as a paramount choice. Designed for both professional mechanics and automotive enthusiasts, this Bi-Directional OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner and TPMS Tool is your gateway to a smoother, more reliable vehicle maintenance experience. Here’s why the Foxwell NT809TS should be your go-to diagnostic tool.

Unmatched Value with Multi-Functional Integration

The Foxwell NT809TS is not just another scanner; it is a robust integration of multiple devices. By combining the capabilities of the NT809BT, the T2000, and including four PCS T10 TPMS sensors, this tool offers a cost-saving solution that eliminates the need to purchase these tools separately, saving users a significant $259. Whether you’re a garage owner or a car enthusiast, the NT809TS provides all the functionalities you need in one package.

Superior TPMS Capabilities

Advancing from its predecessor, the T2000, the Foxwell NT809TS offers enhanced TPMS functions. Capable of activating and relearning 98% of TPMS sensors on the market, it stands out with its ability to monitor real-time data from these sensors, including pressure, temperature, and battery status. With four ways to program the Foxwell T10 Sensor and a three-position relearn procedure, this scanner ensures your vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system is always up to date, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Complimentary High-Quality Sensors

As an added benefit, the NT809TS comes with four PCS Foxwell 433/315MHZ T10-sensors valued at $128. These premium sensors are gifted to ensure that users can immediately take advantage of the TPMS capabilities without additional investments.

Equipped with a 7-inch touch screen and built on the Android 9.0 operating system, the Foxwell NT809TS ensures a user-friendly experience with swift, wireless connectivity through Bluetooth 4.0. This feature-rich tool not only supports TPMS but also offers 30 reset functions, full OBDII functions, and comprehensive diagnostics across all vehicle systems.

Efficient Operation and Easy Updates

One of the standout features of the NT809TS is its one-touch WiFi update capability. Keeping your diagnostic tool updated with the latest software is crucial, and Foxwell makes this process as seamless as possible. Users can easily update their device by connecting to WiFi, ensuring they always have the latest functionality and vehicle coverage.

Bi-Directional Control and Extensive Vehicle Coverage

Robust Design and Reliable Power

The hardware of the NT809TS is built to last. With a 7-inch touch screen, 1GB DDR3L memory, and a 32GB SSD hard drive, it promises smooth operation and quick system responses. A robust 4000mAh battery ensures that the scanner is always ready for use, even during intensive diagnostic sessions, without the worry of running out of power. Check here the differences of NT809, NT809BT, NT809TS.

The Foxwell NT809TS excels in bi-directional control tests, allowing users to send commands to the vehicle’s ECU and check the responses from various components and systems. This function is vital for pinpointing issues quickly and accurately, reducing diagnostic time and enhancing service efficiency.


With its comprehensive features, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly design, the Foxwell NT809TS is an indispensable tool for anyone serious about vehicle maintenance and repair. Offering more than just diagnostics, it enhances overall vehicle health and longevity, ensuring your vehicle performs at its best. Whether you’re troubleshooting a complex vehicle system or performing routine maintenance, the NT809TS is designed to meet all your needs with precision and ease.

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