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Glenn Beck has his credibility on the line (All of Fox News as well) if the Obama eligibility movement continues to grow. The growth of this movement would expose the deliberate suppression of the news regarding the lawsuits and allegations against Obama about his possible ineligibility. He is desperately trying to cover his lies and many excuses to make this issue go away.

Beck talks about Alinsky, but here he is using Alinsky tactics against his own fans ONCE AGAIN.

Obama is using TAX DOLLARS to fight these lawsuits and he has hired guns like Glenn Beck to shoot down and nip in the bud, any allegations or theories immediately. Is Obama paying Glenn? No, but the Saudi Prince is a huge stock holder in Fox News and he is paying Glenn’s salary.

Why has Glenn chosen himself to take on this issue so fanatically? What does he have to gain? He wants the people to sit there and stare at his blackboard as we lose the country? He wants to talk about the US Constitution and then close his eyes to the biggest violation against it?

Officers in the military have been speaking out to this gross violation of the Constitution by Obama. They are the real patriots, not Glenn Beck. Beck is a PAID ACTOR…take your damn heads out of the sand. Many of the people on the internet fighting to keep this cover up from growing are paid Obama operatives. They patrol the internet looking for any signs of this movement and they attack it relentlessly, because they fear it AND Glenn Beck is on the side of the enemy when it comes to this issue.

Be my guest if you want to continue talking about health care, YOU LOST. It has accomplished nothing except distracting you from the real issue – OBAMA’S INELIGIBILITY.

We the people, are calling for Glenn Beck and others in the media such as Bill O’ Reilly and Chris Matthews to testify under oath about this issue to determine if there is a criminal conspiracy to defraud the public and cover up multiple felonies alleged against the President.

WE the people, are not calling for Obama’s birth certificate, that time has passed. We the people need to deem him guilty of treason due to his deception and arrogance to release his records.

Glenn is a Saudi puppet and a double agent that is playing both sides of the fence for his own survival. He is a traitor, many of us see right through his lies and he is a disgrace to the conservative movement. I am calling for people to shut Beck’s TV show off and radio show as well. What else is he lying about if he can not tell the truth about this issue or report about it FAIR AND BALANCED?

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