Gurudas, Homeopathic Physician on Treason and the New World Order

Ronald Lee Garman (Gurudas), author of ‘Treason, The New World Order’, in ‘The End of the Line’, with Jeff Rense, on October 20th, 1996. Ron (1945-2001) was found dead on January 11th, 2001, shortly after he finished the follow-up to ‘Treason, The New World Order’. His murderers wanted to make believe that he committed suicide. Ron’s computer was gone when he was found dead, but it suddenly reappeared again a week after the murder, without his new book…

A memorial service was held in his honor on January 23rd at Keaton Redwood Chapel of Marin in Novato, California.

This interview was the first in a series of six Jeff Rense had with Ron between October 1996 and May 1997. Here Jeff and Ron talk about Government Terrorism Against the People, Carroll Quigley, One Party System in the United States, The Coucil on Foreign Relations, the Shadow Government, The Rothschilds, Wall Street, Corporate Power, The necessity to stop the large corporations, If the large corporations are not stopped some form of totalitarianism is going to occur, One World Government, Secrecy, Over-population, Jacques Cousteau, Illegal immigrants, ‘FDR My Exploited Father-In-Law’ by C.B. Dall, Eisenhower, Bernhard Baruch, Libertarianism, Thomas Jefferson, “When people fear the government you have tyranny but when government fears the people you have liberty”, World Trade Center Bombing in 1993, Martial Law, Executive Orders, Bill Moyers’ ‘The Secret Government’, The Patriot Movement, Every law takes freedom away, Free Energy Devices, Royal Raymond Rife, ‘Witnessed’ by Bud Hopkins, The Iron Mountain Report, Harry Truman, The Fifth Column, Jim Norman, Gary Allen, The Murder of Admiral Boorda, The Murder of Andrew Rothschild, Oliver North, Gorbachov, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Population Elimination, Fluoridation, Industrial Waste Products, Sewage Sludge, Fertilizers, Pregnant women given plutonium, Radiation, David Rockefeller, Arthur Schlessinger, and more.

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