Gurudas – Radiation, Biological and Chemical Experiments on People

L.A. Steel reads (from 25:50) Chapter XIX (Radiation, Biological and Chemical Experiments on People) from Gurudas‘ (Ronald Lee Garman) book TREASON: The New World Order’ (1996). L.A. Steel Show, June 3, 2011.

Chapter XVIII in Treason is called ‘Murder as a Political Weapon in America’. Ron Garman on January 11, 2001 was found murdered (“suicide”) in his apartment, shortly before he was to publish his second book on the diabolical conspiracies. His computer, including the one and only manuscript for his new book, was gone. One week after his death the computer suddenly reappeared in the apartment, but the manuscript wasn’t there anymore…

A memorial service was held in his honor on January 23rd at Keaton Redwood Chapel of Marin in Novato, California.

Ron Garman worked for his ‘Flower Essences’ book (1983) with Kevin Ryerson, “a professional psychic and trance medium with (in 1983) over eight years experience in the field of parapsychology. The material presented in ‘Flower Essences’ had been trance channeled through Kevin Ryerson. Ron Garman was a phytotherapist, specialized in ‘vibrational healing’, not a homeopath as mentioned in his short ‘WikiAnswers’ biography:

“Ronald Lee Garman (1945-2001) a.k.a Gurudas (Baba Muktananda of India gave Gurudas which means “servant of the guru” his name.)

Gurudas, was a pioneer of herbs, flower, and gem essences. After working as an alternative health practitioner specializing in homeopathy and radionics for several years, he began his work in essences in 1979 and in the 1980s he founded his own elixirs and essences company, Pegasus Products. His book, ‘Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing’, was published in 1983 and is still a best seller and the foundation for much flower and gem essence research and development.

Gurudas sold his business in 1987 in order to focus on his writing career. His next book was ‘Spiritual Properties of Herbs’, followed by ‘Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing’, Vol. I and II. Moving into a rather different field from alternative medicine, he then wrote ‘Treason? The New World Order’, a criticism of the abuse of government powers and the curtailing of personal freedoms. Over 100,000 copies of his books have been sold worldwide.

Following publication of ‘Treason: The New World Order’ in 1996, Gurudas appeared on hundreds of talk shows where he spoke about the book and his fears of increasing government power at the expense of the individual. After his death it was rumoured that he had been working on a sequel and that he had been murdered by government agents in order to prevent its publication. Gurudas left contributions in his will to more than 20 charities.”

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