Hat in Hand to Chyna

  • May 26, 2023

GM’s CEO Mary Barra went to Chyna last week – probably because GM is selling fewer cars in Chyna these days. Only 2.3 million last year – down from almost 3.1 million back in 2019. Its market share is down from about 15 percent back in 2015 to less than 10 percent currently.

History repeats!

GM’s market share here used to be about 50 percent – before it sold or made any cars in Chyna. Its market share now – some 50 years later, after a couple of decades of investing in Chyna rather than America – is about 16 percent.

Mary Barra’s salary is not down by any percent.

She continues to  be paid (as opposed to earned) some $29 million annually, far more than her predecessors were paid when GM had roughly three times the U.S. market share it currently has.

She has plenty of money – as well as free use of a private jet – to go to Chyna, where she was “encouraged” to “step up investments” by the Chynese (it’s always fun to use Orange Man-ese when discussing Chyna).

It’s a shame, isn’t it, that the head of General Motors is more interested in Chyna than America? But it’s understandable, given that Chyna rather than America is GM’s biggest market. It sold sold about 2.2 million cars in America last year – fewer cars than it sold in Chyna.

Sales of Buicks are in freefall here, down 42 percent – probably soon to fall similarly in Chyna, where Buicks have until recently sold very well – on the strength of fading memories of what Buick used to stand for, back when American-made cars were kings of the road. But a 2023 Encore is – to bowdlerize what Lloyd Benson said to Dan Quayle – no Electra 225.

The latter was a glorious dreadnought powered by a huge V8 that proudly touted its length – which was almost as long as a current super-sized SUV such as a Cadillac ESV (227 inches long). A generic little crossover almost five feet shorter with a 1.2 liter three cylinder engine isn’t much of an Encore.

Never mind. Just keep on “investing” in more of the same.

Barra said she thinks that Chyna “remains a key market” and that she “looks forward” to “developing more clean and intelligent” vehicles there.

Italics added.

We all know what “clean” is supposed to mean, when it is used in reference to modern cars – which are exactly that, if they aren’t EVs. But what Barra and others who use the term mean when they use that word is of course EVs, which they insist are “clean” because they do not “emit” any carbon dioxide – at the tailpipe. Carbon dioxide is “emitted” elsewhere – several of them, including the places where the necessary raw materials are extracted as well as the factories (including those that make the batteries) that make EVs. And of course the power plants that make the electricity that powers EVs.

But – even so – carbon dioxide isn’t a pollutant, the latter referring to something that fouls the environment – and carbon dioxide does no such thing. What it does do is provide the greasy excuse for gulling people into “clean and intelligent” EVs – i.e., cars with both a literal (physical) leash – that being the power cable – as well as an electronic one.

The cars GM is “designing” are connected.

Cars that can be controlled, remotely.

Perfect for Chyna – the proving ground for universal control. The country in which everything you’re allowed to do depends on what you do. And don’t do. If you do – or do not do – something the Chinese communist apparat does not want you to do – or fail to do something it demands you do – then your permission to do something you wanted to do – such as drive, for example – can be rescinded as quickly and easily as a signal to your “intelligent and clean” car can be transmitted.

That is what Barra’s GM is “investing” in. It sees the future of America in Chyna.

Last fall, GM announced it would be launching 15 new “clean and intelligent” EVs in Chyna, amounting – so it hopes – to  1 million new sales by 2025 and a significant increase in its currently falling market share.

But that is not likely to happen because the government of Chyna, though communist, is also nationalist. It promotes investments that benefit Chyna rather than America – reversing what American companies have done over the past 30-plus years that have elapsed since the government of America sold out America by encouraging what were once American corporations like GM to “invest” in Chyna rather than America.

And so they did.

Before Chyna was granted Most Favored Nation status some 30 years ago – before GM began “investing” in Chyna – GM still had about 35 percent of the American car market (this was circa 1990) or about twice the market share it has now, after all those “investments.”

GM is paying Mary Barra a lot of money to make more such, too.

It’s nice work, if you can get it.

. . .

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