Here’s the New Speaker – Same as the Old Speaker

  • October 9, 2023

If more proof were needed that the GOP is the NPC Party – and part of the same Uniparty as the Democrats they pretend to oppose – then here it is:

“Rockets are raining down on Israeli towns right now. We need to immediately help replenish Israel’s stockpile of Iron Dome missiles to protect more innocent civilians from getting killed. Let’s make sure Congress can unite and assure Israel has what it needs to destroy Hamas.”

So said Jim Jordan, putative Next Speaker of the House.

The old speaker was ousted, in part, for refusing to do anything to halt the flow of our money to perpetuate the show in Ukraine (a country that is literally run by an actor hired to play the part of its leader).

At least until “questions” were “answered.”

As opposed to No for an answer.

As in – no more Americans being taxed to pay for the show in Ukraine. That is what an opposition leader would have said, if there were one. As opposed to an NPC player with a red ribbon neatly bow-tied around its neck, so as to differentiate it from the NPC players with the blue ribbons tied around their necks.

So, not only will the money – our money – continue to be used to finance the show in Ukraine, more of our money will be sent to Israel, which (like Ukraine) is somehow in a position to get us to hand it over to them.

How did these countries maneuver us into this position? It’s a ready question we’re not supposed to ask and if we do, we can expect to be accused of being all sorts of nasty things, such as “anti-Semitic.”

As opposed to being anti-the-bankrolling of other countries’ problems. Especially when they created them. Which they tend to do – with reckless abandon – because they know they can make us pay the price.

Because they own the Uniparty.

If you’ve ever listened to retired Col. Doug MacGregor (or read the little book written by former Marine Brigadier General Smedley Butler) you will know how they came to own it. The answer is simple.

They bought it.

But who are they?

MacGregor styled them the “donor class,” by which he means the interests with pockets deep enough to afford a congressman or senator or president. They are the ones who buy $10,000 a plate reservations at candidate’s fund-raising dinners and much more than just that. They include the corporations the courts have ruled have the same right to “free speech” as any actual human individual and spend millions on it. By promoting the candidate who aligns with their interests. Raytheon, Boeing and other makers of things that blow up or are used to blow people up or blow holes in people are very interested indeed in Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeev (and Israel) and any other such place where there is a show going on that can make them a lot of money.

A lot more money than it cost to buy a congressman, senator or president.

The current resident has been very good for business. The interests got a fabulous return on their investment. And the “opposition” with the red ribbons around their necks have done exactly nothing (of any substance) to call a halt to it. Indeed, they amen’d and seconded it.

And they will keep the boodle flowing as the American people keep hemorrhaging – because the bought-and-paid-for Uniparty has no interest whatsoever in representing people who haven’t paid well for the privilege.

Butler was one who understood who he was working for when he was a Marine brigadier general. It wasn’t “the people.” It was United Fruit, which was very interested in certain Central and South American countries – but lacked the necessary tools to further these interests. And so they were bought.

And thus, General Butler was used.

Some 60 years later, Henry Kissinger – a creature so evil it makes one a believer in existential evil – reportedly described such as General Butler  as “stupid animals.” But Butler was smart enough to know what it was he’d been hired to do by the same interests that are currently paying for the show in Ukraine – and Israel, too.

And he regretted having been involved in it. He wrote a book about it.

If that book had been read by most Americans since it was first published, there might be fewer shows going on. Or at least, Americans wouldn’t be paying for them, courtesy of the offices of the Uniparty.

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