“Hesitancy” About the Drugs that Weren’t Vaccines . . . and Now EVs

  • August 27, 2023

When “hesitancy” about being voluntarily injected with the drugs that turned out to not be vaccines became a thing, it became another thing.

A pushed thing.

Things got to the point that people who refused to take the drugs being pushed were threatened with loss of employment (and with it, career, in the case of people in occupations such as airline pilots, doctors, nurses and so on).

Will it get to that point with EVs?

Right now – and for now – people are still free to opt-out of “electrification.” And the evidence accrues that many are doing exactly that as word about the adverse events people who’ve already bought into “electrification” are experiencing.

Such as the very public experience of Ford CEO Jim Farley, who tried mightily to make excuses for the EV’s failings that echo eerily of the way those pushing the drugs tried to make excuses for their failure to immunize the people who took them. Who assumed that’s what they’d be getting. Instead, many of them got myocarditis and other unpleasant things. But – never mind that, said the drug pushers. These drugs will reduce the severity of symptoms and that will reduce the number of hospitalizations and that, in turn, will help reduce the burden on hospitals.

One can almost hear the same cadences in the apologias emanating from Farley – whose company is on track to lose $4.5 billion (so far) pushing battery-powered vehicles that don’t go very far and require a lot of waiting (and planning to wait) in between.

At least they don’t kill you.

Well, not usually.

But they sure do kill any desire to own one of these things. Excepting, of course, the True Believers. Who – like the True Believers in “mask” wearing – cannot be swayed by facts. That is the nature of True Belief.

One must just believe.

But they are relatively few such. Or at least, probably not enough.

Just as “mask” wearing is not likely going to be accepted as easily again as anything other than what it has always been – i.e., a device meant to create an image of agreement with a sick narrative – so also the holy nimbus that once illumined the EV is fading.

They are being produced.

But they are not being sold.

Dealers aren’t placing new orders; they have too many in inventory already. Tesla is an exception, but only because it appeals – like the “mask” – to the true believers. But there are only so many of those left. Once they have their articles of faith, it will be difficult to persuade those who are not believers to buy in.

What then?

It will probably follow the script that was intended for us during the “pandemic.”

Like the drugs that weren’t vaccines, expect EVs to be pushed on those who are . . . “hesitant.” The pushing will take the form of pushing the “hesitant” out of their current vehicles – i.e., the ones that take them where they need and want to go without a planning (and waiting) ordeal that is analogous to what it was like back in the 1940s to fly anywhere farther than very close by. Across the country, say.

In case you forgot what that was like, it went something like this:

You boarded a prop job airplane in let us say New York, at what was then Idlewild Airport (JFK International, now). It took off – and landed in Washington, where you waited for the bird to fuel up before it took off en route to your next stop in Chicago. Where you waited (again) while they topped off the bird. After another stop or maybe two, you finally touched down in LA.

It only took all day to do what it takes about five hours to do today, in a fast jet. Which can  be likened to a not-electric car in that it doesn’t need to stop to travel very long distances. An EV, on the other hand, can be likened to going back to a prop job to fly across the country – when fast jets are available.

Farley publicized the fact, however inadvertently. Much the same as Fauci and the White Coats  – it sounds like a Synth band from the ’80s – did much to spread the truth about the drugs that weren’t vaccines, by brazenly and serially lying about them.

An interesting confluence is in the making. It is essentially the same one that reached its crescendo when the Thing that currently occupies the home of the president attempted to use the government to force people to take the drugs that weren’t vaccines. The Supreme Court ruled he could not do so but the far more powerful rebuttal was that of the people who had already refused to take the drugs being pushed and were not going to take them under any circumstances whatever.

The same is forming up as regards this pushing of EVs. There are millions of people who aren’t going to be pushed, under any circumstance whatever.

What will the Thing – and the Things in his service (or is it the other way around?) do when they run into such a wall of “hesitancy”?

We’ll soon find out.

. . .

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