Hohmann: NWO Control Grid starts with the Connectivity of Everything

  • June 29, 2023
The late Rosa Koire stated about Agenda 21: “It is the blueprint, the comprehensive plan of action for the 21st century to inventory and control all land, all water, all plants, all minerals, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all law enforcement, all health care, all food, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world.”

Believe it or not. All evidence points to Technocracy and Transhumanism and a remaking of the entire planet and all its inhabitants. ⁃ TN Editor

There’s a hidden motive behind the movement to transition Americans, Canadians, Europeans and Australians out of their gas-powered vehicles, out of their gas stoves and gas lawnmowers and into machines powered by electricity.

They tell you it’s to save the environment. I’m here to tell you that’s a lie. I’m all for the environment but this is not about the environment. That’s nothing more than a clever sales pitch. Notice how they never talk about where they’re going to put all those lithium-leaking batteries and toxic solar panels.

So let’s address the real reason you’re being told to go electric.

Things powered by electricity are dependent on the electric grid, which is dependent on a relatively small number of government-dependent utility companies.

And if you read the websites of those utility companies you will see how eager they are to brag about their commitment to “sustainability,” “renewable energy,” “net zero carbon emissions,” etc. This is the language of United Nations Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals to transform the world through a “digital reset” and “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Utility companies are playing ball with the black hats who continuously tell us how we need to transition into a new order, “build back better,” with a new system based on 5G and digital everything. What they don’t tell you is that by going digital with the “internet of things,” where everyone and everything is connected 24/7, we are walking into a surveillance society that involves our total dependency on their digitally-connected, AI-powered tracking devices or all of life’s necessities. Accessing food, water, clothing, shelter, travel, healthcare, even the money in your bank account, will all require a digitized QR code, your unique digital identity.

This is not conspiracy theory. It’s all out in the wide open in open-sourced documents at the World Economic Forum, the U.N. and elsewhere. Check out the World Economic Forum’s January 2020 White Paper Reimagining Digital Identity: A Strategic Imperative.

As I discussed in a couple of recent articles, this is one of the main reasons why the Western globalist powers led by the United States must bring Russia to heel. Russia, along with their new partners in Saudi Arabia, control way too much cheap oil and gas for the West’s liking.

Unfortunately for the Western globalists, wind and solar are more expensive to produce and less reliable in performance. Hence, Russia must be dealt with through regime change and Balkanization.

The plan is for a vastly smaller global population using things connected to the internet and the electric-power grid where they can be monitored 24/7 and 100 percent controlled, not only in terms of their movement and use of resources, but also in terms of their speech and political expression on the connected devices. If these globalists are successful, you will be tethered to a digital identity that makes it impossible to escape detection online. You make a comment on social media or a blog like this that goes against the prescribed narrative of the state and its corporate partners, then you get downgraded on your social-credit score and eventually lose your “privilege” to log onto the internet. These are the “digital finger prints” that Barack Obama recently talked about in an interview with one of the corporate media shills.

As I’ve been repeating over and over for two years or more, the globalists are determined, through whatever means necessary, to achieve two goals in the near term: the assignment of a trackable digital identity/QR Code to every human being, followed by the rollout of a globally recognized digital currency.

Once the QR Code is established on people’s cellphones, the next step, as told to us by World Economic Forum adviser Yuval Harari, is to embed that surveillance code “under the skin.” We don’t yet know exactly what form that will take, but my guess is the code will appear to be very non-invasive. It won’t be like an injectable chip the size of a grain of rice, as is already possible and has been for years with the VeriChip (circa 2007). It will likely be some type of nano dots, only visible by a scanner.

They will do whatever it takes to achieve these two goals of global digital ID for all people and global digital money because without them it will be impossible to achieve their overarching goal of a truly one-world technocratic dictatorship.

Check out the short clip below from a recent panel discussion featuring the highly knowledgeable, former banking insider Catherine Austin Fitts.

So much was said in that 1-minute clip.

Notice what Fitts said about your cars, your bank accounts and access to the internetThese are the keys to the digital control grid. They are key because they determine whether or not you have the right to move about in society, to buy and sell, and to communicate with others. Take that away and you become an outcast to society. Nobody wants to be that, right?

Fitts said:

“If you look at the number of ways that the QR codes, and the data coming in can be misused, it’s scary. It means you either do exactly what you’re told or your car won’t start, it won’t go but a certain distance, you won’t be able to access the internet, your bank account won’t work, unless you do what you’re told. To me the big problem doesn’t start with the QR codes, they just help build the fences. It’s the CBDC and the vaccine passports in combination with the QR codes that lock us in.”

Then Monica Smit, of Australia, reasons, rightly in my opinion, that “every time you use a QR code you are working for them, and not us.”

If we use these QR codes, walking around in stores scanning them with our phones, how are we any different from those in the world who are following the beast system?

Based on the writings and public statements of Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Yuval Harari, Dennis Meadows and others, we know that these globalist techno-tyrants are very much aware of the fact that realizing their dreams of a one-world system is not fully achievable with the current status quo. There are simply too many people. How do you convert 7.9 billion humans into transhumans, each with their own trackable QR code? And, as mentioned above, there is still too much access to cheap energy.

That’s why World War III is already in the works. That genie has already been let out of the bottle. That’s why they continuously warn us about a new and more dangerous pandemic.

Of the three basic rights that the globalists are trying to bring under their control — the rights to travel, buy and sell, and communication — let’s just look at one, the right to travel and move about in society. The future of the automobile industry is moving toward all-electric vehicles. The auto industry is not moving in this direction because its customers, the people who buy cars, are demanding it. They are moving toward an all-electric fleet because the oligarchs who control the world financial system are demanding it. So do not be fooled into thinking the changes coming down the pike are in any way being driven by capitalist laws of supply and demand. Technocracy is a top-down system with a small number of “experts” making the decisions for what they believe is the collective good of society.

Not only are electric cars more expensive, meaning that fewer people will be able to afford to drive in the years ahead. But electric cars also mean the end of the gas tax, which is what funds road maintenance and other projects in all 50 states.

Nobody is talking about this, but the new tax plan will mark the end of your freedom of movement, your right to move about anonymously, and the beginning of government tracking of your every move.

Headline USA reports that despite privacy concerns and dysfunctional models, some states are determined to replace the sales taxes on gasoline with a tax for every mile driven, a model that requires tracking devices to monitor the movement of citizens.

“Evan Burroughs has spent eight years touting the virtues of an Oregon pilot program charging motorists by the distance their vehicle travels rather than the gas it guzzles, yet his own mother still hasn’t bought in,” the article states.

But his mother, Margaret Burroughs, 85, said she has no intention of inserting a tracking device on her Nissan Murano to record the miles she drives to get groceries or attend social functions.

The article further states:

“Burroughs’ reluctance exemplifies the myriad hurdles U.S. states face as they experiment with road-usage charging programs aimed at supplementing gas taxes, which are generating less each year, in part due to increased fuel efficiency and the rise of electric cars.”

The federal government is about to pilot its own such program, funded by $125 million from the infrastructure measure Biden signed in November 2021.

The article states that, so far, “only three states — Oregon, Utah and Virginia — are generating revenue from road-usage charges, despite the looming threat of an ever-widening gap between states’ gas-tax proceeds and their transportation budgets. Hawaii will soon become the fourth.”

As long as we’re here on the earth, we must hold the line and resist the beast system, and that means rejecting the lies upon which it is built.

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