How President Obama & Hillary Clinton Created I.S.I.S.

It seems to me there are too many good people who know the ‘real’ truth of what is going on and are willing to die for it. They are never going to be able to succeed in killing all of us. ~J

Story (NEVADA CITY, CA) Speaking at the third Liberty Tour, sponsored by Paul Preston’s Agenda 21 Radio on July 11, 2015 former Army intelligence officer and once private contractor to CIA financier Booz Allen Hamilton, Scott Bennett the author of the book ‘Shell Game” a Military Whistleblowing Report to Congress. stated he gave Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings information about Swiss bank accounts which directly implicated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama in the formation of I.S.I.S. just prior to Hastings being killed in a suspicious auto accident.

Scott explains the true story about the report which prompted Edward Snowden to go public with information about unconstitutional abuses against Americans by the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Justice and the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama. Source: Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

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