If You Can’t Find a Place to Park . . .

  • May 21, 2023

There’s no point driving into the city if there’s no place to park. It’s also hard to leave the city – in a car – if you can’t keep one there. And that’s why city bureaucrats are getting rid of places to park.

Because they want people to walk – or take government-controlled forms of transportation, such as the bus or the train. For the same basic reason that government bureaucrats want your kids in their schools.

So that they are not under your control.

It’s not framed this way, of course. Instead, it is framed in terms of “arbitrary rules” (which government loves, when it suits) that require a certain number of parking spots be built for each new building built – so that they people who live or work or shop in those building have a place to park. So that they don’t have to walk.

So that they aren’t trapped – in the city.

If there’s anything these bureaucrats despise more than cars, it is the freedom to be able to use them – to escape them. The bureaucrats, that is. To not have the “mobility” they so often speak of. And so, an attack upon cars and mobility, the latter via making it increasingly onerous to own/use them.

They never put it this plainly, of course – for that would arouse resistance. If people understood, they would become angry. So the people are gaslit. Told that parking spots are “unfair” to those who don’t own a car by giving an advantage to those who do. Solution?

Disadvantage everyone!

Including, by the way, people who can’t walk – or ride a bicycle. The elderly and infirm. Those with kids to cart around. That’s ok. They can wait for the bus.

And there are ululations about “congestion” and the “climate crisis” – the latter having become the new, more urgent verbiage (just as mere “racism” has morphed into “systemic racism”) requiring urgent, no-time-to-think-about-them “solutions.”

At the federal level.

California (of course) Rep. Robert Garcia, who is styled a “Democrat” for the same reason that certain drugs were styled “vaccines” – in order to soft-sell the truth about what they are – is pushing legislation (rather than drugs, this time) that would “eliminate parking minimums for new affordable residential, retail, industrial and commercial construction. Separately, he introduced legislation to scrap parking requirements close to public transit.”

The latter begs the question never answered: How are people supposed to use “public” – that is, government – transportation if they cannot get to it? Cannot get home, after having used it?

Well, you miss the point.

It isn’t to make it easier to get into – and out of – the city. It is to – effectively – wall people into the city. And to corral them into it. If a person who has a job in the city cannot get to work in good time then he has the choice: Either move to the city or find a new job.

Problem solved!

Never mind the problem that creates – for people, who can no longer get to work. Or the businesses that depend on traffic – on people coming into the city to buy things.

But why then don’t those people live in the cities?

Because they don’t want to.

For a variety of reasons, chief among them that cities are more expensive, often dangerous places to live, where there is less – here it comes! – freedom. People move away from cities to find more of that – along with a better quality of life. It is the car that makes this possible. And that is why the car is under attack – and why such as “representative” Garcia – who, like all of he rest of them, does not represent anyone since he is directly answerable to no one, just like the rest of them – attack them from the periphery.

Parking rules deter developers and businesses that can’t afford to construct the required parking, and spaces that could have held apartments have instead been swallowed up by parking mandates.”

They of course only “deter” developers and businesses that crunch the numbers and arrive at the conclusion that they would lose money by not constructing parking spots for customers and tenants, who prefer not to shop – or rent – where there is no place to park.

A “professor of urban planning” – authoritarian titles always sound so blase, like “general secretary,” who also made a lot of plans” – named Donald Shoup wrote a book titled The High Cost of Free Parking, in which he writes, “… parking seems to take place in the reptilian cortex, the most primitive part of the brain responsible for making snap judgments about flight-or-flight issues, such as how to avoid being eaten.”

And: “I think the thing that triggered my interest was employer-paid parking. I was writing on equity and transportation, and thought it was so unfair that employers offer parking to drivers but nothing to everyone else. If you walked, you got nothing.”

Italics added, to make the point that the Left – and that’s what we’re dealing with, again – has been wheedling about “equity” and “fairness” for a very long time. It is only just lately percolating to the surface.

Shoup urges that “planners” make it harder to drive by making it harder – and more costly – to find a place to park. Just the same as “planners” are making it harder – and more costly – to buy a car, by pushing cars that aren’t electric off the roads. And where will people who live in cities where there’s no place to park – or charge – their electric cars do either of those things?

Ah, now you see the point!

. . .

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