Illegalizing Trump

  • August 21, 2023

Whether you like Trump or don’t, is it right – is it not dangerous – to say that those who do like him may not vote for him?

That is what’s percolating upward, bobbing to the surface of the sewage dump this country’s corrupted, co-opted political system has become. It is not merely that Trump must not be re-elected; it is that he must not be allowed to run. And it is even more than just that. People who want to vote for someone like Trump must not be allowed the chance to vote for anyone like Trump.

That is the Sicilian Message broadcast by the serial indictment of Trump. And by Leftist lawyers such as Laurence Tribe, who says the very Bad Orange Man is “disqualified” from running for office under the rubric of a “violation” of the 14th Amendment, enacted just after the federal government crushed the attempt by the Southern states to secede from a “union” they longer wished to be part of,  for his “role” in the protests the Left has framed as an “insurrection” that took place in January of 2012.

It is an interesting term to use – in both cases.

Tribe cites a clause in the 14th Amendment that was written to “disqualify” former Confederates who simply wished to depart from the union from being eligible to seek office under the regime that made a mockery of the concept of self-government, by refusing to respect the right of the people of the Southern states  to govern themselves, having decided they could no longer consent to being governed by what they, with cause, regarded as a government dominated by Northern money interests they believed could not be parried via the ballot box due to there being more Northerners than Southerners. And so the Southerners sought to depart, in peace.

And were brought to heel, by force.

If wanting to end a bad marriage is an “insurrection,” then so is every divorce.

At any rate, having settled the matter of consent – which no one in the South or the North enjoys – the newly omnipotent federal government said that:

“No person shall . .  hold any office, civil or military, under the United States or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid and comfort to the enemies thereof.”

But Trump has done none of these things.

Tribe, et al, insinuate he did them.

They presume to know his state of mind. That what he said – e.g., to be peaceful – was not what he meant. What he really meant when he urged his supporters to peacefully express their entirely legitimate concerns about the most unusual presidential election process in the history of the country – one in which Election Day was actually Election Months; one in which the counting was stopped – and then resumed; one in which an unappealing geriatric who could never draw a crowd to hear him speak somehow got more votes than a man who filled stadiums to capacity – was for them to storm the capitol by force and prevent the geriatric from being sworn in.

The facts bear none of that out.

But it is not facts that matter to Leftists such as Tribe. What matters to such Leftists is power, acquired and held through use of force, if need be – the very thing they impute to the Orange Man, who is very bad – for upsetting Leftists. For whom the idea of “democracy” is of a piece with their idea of “consent” in that both mean obey the Left.

If you question this, then you are an “insurrectionist” and – oy vey! – a “threat to our democracy.”

By which they mean their oligarchy. (The Left is no longer the party of the poor; it is the tool of the connected rich.) 

The CNN lugenpresse admits that Trump hasn’t even be charged with “insurrection” – or “rebellion” or “sedition.” His crime is a purely political one. He is a denier. That is – and his supporters – had the cheek to question what went on during the election. His subsequent claims about the results of the election being questionable are predicated on that. This question-raising rises to the level of an “insurrection,” “rebellion” and “sedition” in the mind of Leftists such as Tribe.

And in a way, they are right.

In their own minds, that is. That is the place where to question whatever a Leftist says about anything is “denial.” Which – to a Leftist – is “seditious” and tantamount to treason. Watch where this goes.

In the old Soviet Union – where someone like Tribe would have been among his tribe – there were “crimes against the Soviet Union,” which meant anything that questioned Soviet Power. I went even further in the old Soviet Union. To raise question about Soviet Power – about communism – was an indicator of mental illness. Only crazy people questioned Communism.

And now – per Tribe, et al – only dangerous people question  . . . well, you know.

And such dangerous people must be declared ineligible – by people such as Laurence Tribe and his tribe. Elections must be fixed before they are held. As they were in the old Soviet Union, where the voting mattered as far as the result almost as much as your not having consented to be “governed” prevents the government from governing you, good and hard.

. . .

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